There’s an ongoing trend in which successful W.W.E. wrestlers try to make the switch to film acting. From John Cena to Hulk Hogan, many have tried, and most have failed. However, given the fact that one of the biggest movie stars today, The Rock, started off on the W.W.E., it goes to show that it’s […]


For some, the name Shirley Jackson will evoke supernatural horrors—unseen ghosts and poltergeists sowing chaos as in her famous novel “The Haunting of Hill House.” For others, her name is synonymous with a different type of horror as demonstrated in “The Lottery”, an at-first innocent tale of suburbia that culminates in a brutal and barbaric […]


In honor of Pride Month, the film and video distribution company Kino Lorber has released restorations of three early LGBTQ+ films: Victor and Victoria (Reinhold Schünzel, 1933), Mädchen in Uniform (Leontine Sagan and Carl Froelich, 1931), and Michael (Carl Theodor Dreyer, 1924). Theaters across the country are releasing these films for streaming either as a […]


Judd Apatow’s latest offering stars SNL phenom Pete Davidson as Scott, a twenty-four-year-old burnout who, reeling from the trauma of his firefighter father’s death seventeen years ago, still lives with his mother, Margie (Marisa Tomei). His primary ambition, besides getting high with his friends, is to open a tattoo parlor/restaurant hybrid, an idea that not […]


“The Vast of Night” is Amazon Prime’s latest feature film and is a pleasing, old-school sci-fi thriller. The plot focuses on teenagers Everett (Jake Horowitz), a local radio DJ, and Fay (Sierra McCormick), a switchboard operator, as they try to uncover the source of strange sounds wreaking havoc at their respective places of work. Fay […]

‘Les Misérables’ Review: Speaking Truth to Power through Film

There is no doubt that we are going through a massive period of change in this country. Whether you agree or disagree with the way people have expressed their anger, it can’t be denied that there are systemic problems with policing, particularly of black men, not only in America but also worldwide. At times such […]


The set-up for “The Lovebirds”, Netflix’s latest high-profile film offering, encapsulates its genre-mixing quality as a romantic comedy/crime action hybrid: a bickering couple on the verge of splitting up (played by Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae) witnesses a murder and are quickly framed for the crime. On the run from the law and desperate to […]


Wake Up: Suicide Stories from the Frontlines of Suicide Prevention (directed by Nate Townsend) is an important, relevant, heavy, and educational documentary. This film respects the emotionality and seriousness the topic of suicide while still addressing it directly and without hysterics. Where mainstream media avoids acknowledging the reality and prevalence of suicide in America, Wake […]


Many films aspire to become something that is both memorable and enjoyable. Some form of temptation must exist to procure an interest by moviegoers so that we can get sucked into the film’s atmosphere from the start to the end. Abel Ferrara’s Tommaso attempts to bring us in engagement with the director’s life back in […]

Drive-In Movie: Social Distancing While Movie-going

One of the biggest problems on people’s minds today is undoubtedly the coronavirus. Even though numerous states across the country are electing to loosen their previous restrictions on social gatherings, many people remain afraid of catching the virus, and wish to avoid places and activities that could have a high risk of infection. One of […]