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Golden Globe winner and Academy Award-nominated actor Ryan Gosling  and producer Ken Kao  have joined forces to form the production company Arcana.

Arcana’s first official project is director Yorgos Lanthimos’ upcoming film THE FAVOURITE starring Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz and Olivia Colman. THE FAVOURITE follows the clandestine personal and political intrigue of the reign of Queen Anne, the last of the Stuart monarchy. Lanthimos recently won a Oscar nomination for THE LOBSTER.

This is not the first time that Gosling and Kao have worked together. They collaborated on the Shane Black thriller, THE NICE GUYS and on Terrence Malick’s SONG TO SONG. They own the rights to Jeff Lemire’s graphic novel THE UNDERWATER WELDER which they hope to develop for the screen.

Steven Spielberg, Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks Team Up for THE PAPERS

Principal photography has begun on  Twentieth Century Fox and Amblin Entertainment’s drama THE PAPERS.

THE PAPERS is the true story of events that occurred in June 1971 when The New York Times and the Washington Post exposed a political cover up that spanned four decades and four U.S. Presidents. The movie is being produced and directed by Steven Speilberg. Meryl Streep portrays the real life reporter Katherine Graham of The Washington Post. Her rival, and eventual supporter Ben Bradlee is played by Tom Hanks. Together, the two formed an unlikely team, as they were forced to come together and make the bold decision to support The New York Times and fight the Nixon Administration’s unprecedented attempt to restrict the first amendment.

THE PAPERS is scheduled to premiere in select theaters in December , 2017 and will go nation wide in January of 2018.


Johnny Depp to be King of The Jungle

Three-time Academy Award® nominee Johnny Depp is set to star in King of the Jungle, a dark comedy to be directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa from a script Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski that is based on a true story .

The film tells the wild but true story of  tech magnate John McAfee, creator of the McAfee Antivirus software, who cashed-in his fortune, left civilization, and moved to the jungle in Belize.  There, he set-up a  compound of guns, sex and madness.  In the film, a Wired magazine investigator accepts what he thinks is a run-of-the-mill assignment to interview McAfee, but once he arrives in Belize, he finds himself pulled into McAfee’s escalating paranoia, slippery reality, and murder.

Johnny Depp’s Production Company Signs First Look Deal With IM Global

Johnny Depp’s production company, Infinitum Nihil has signed a first looks deal with IM Global.  This means that IM Global gets the first chance at distribution rights to films  and other projects the company has in production.

Infinitinum Nihil consists of Johnny Depp at the helm, along with his sister Christi Dembrowski, Sam Sarkar and Stephen Deuters.  Depp founded the company in 2004 to produce off beat projects that might not see production otherwise. In most of these, Depp is both producer and actor.  Infinitinum Nihil has production credits on LONE RANGER, HUGO, MORTDECAI, THE RUM DIARY, and DARK SHADOWS.  The company previously had first look deals with Disney and Warner Brothers.

Stuart Ford’s IM Global’s credits include Mel Gibson’s HAWCKSAW RIDGE  and Martin Scorsese’s SILENCE.

IM Global and Infinitum Nihil began collaborating last year and have been working on a television series centered around the famous Muscle Shoals music studio. Richard Bronson’s Virgin Produced is co producing  the project with Infinitum Nihil.

IM Global is financing Depp’s next film, Wayne Roberts RICHARD SAYS GOODBYE. The film is set to begin production this summer.


Brian Tyree Henry, known for his role as Alfred Miles in Atlanta, and Kenneth Choi, famous from “The People V. OJ Simpson”, have joined the cast surrounding Jodie Foster in Drew Pearce’s highly anticipated directorial debut “Hotel Artemis”. Others include Emmy Award Nominee Zachary Quinto, Jenny Slate, Dave Bautista, Emmy Award Winner Sterling K. Brown, Charlie Day, Sofia Boutella, and Academy Award Nominee Jeff Goldblum.

Mark Platt, Golden Globe and Academy Award Winner (“La La Land” , “Grease: Live”) and Adam Siegel will also be working alongside the Ink Factor’s Stephen and Simon Cornwell to produce the original script by Drew Pearce, known for writing “Iron Man 3” and “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation”.

“Hotel Artemis” will star Academy Award Winner Jodie Foster as a nurse in the near future. The film will follow Foster’s character as she risks her life to run an underground hospital for the world’s most infamous criminals – one of whom is an assassin, hired to eliminate another patient.

“Casting Jodie Foster is a real coup. She is an extraordinary talent and will bring something very special to the film. We are delighted to welcome her to this exciting production,” Stephen Cornwell said in a statement from The Ink Factory. “Drew’s vision is unique and we can’t wait to see it brought to life by a stellar cast.”

Principal shoots for the film began Thursday, May 1st in Los Angeles.

Bollywood Remaking RAMBO for Indian Audiences

The movie industry of India—known affectionately as Bollywood–  has announced it is making RAMBO for Indian audiences.  The original Rambo character portrayed by  Sylvester Stallone hit the silver screen in 1982 in the film FIRST BLOOD. The movie earned over $125 million US dollars.

Now, Indian actor and martial arts expert Tiger Shroff will take on the  iconic role of RAMBO.  “

“It’s a huge honor to step into one of my biggest idols iconic characters,” said Shroff. “ There’s a huge pressure and responsibility because Rambo is  the all-time action hero for a worldwide audience”

The film will be directed by Siddharth Anand—who recently made the Indian remake of the  Tom Cruise film KNIGHT AND DAY.– titled BANG BANG.  Anand was attracted to the movie because Rambo was his childhood hereo. “Rambo is one of the most iconic action blockbuster films from my generation. I grew up looking up to heroes such as Stallone.”

In Anand’s version Shroff plays the last surviving member of an elite covert unit of the Indian Armed Forces who returns home to discover a war waging in his own land. Forced into the dangerous jungles and frozen mountains of the Himalayas, he unleashes mayhem and destruction, becoming the unstoppable machine he was trained to be.

M! Capital Ventures, Original Entertainment, Impact Films and Siddharth Anand Pictures will co-produce the film.

Universal Pictures Banks on Classic Monster Icons in New Dark Universe Franchise

With the super hero genre reaching full saturation, Hollywood needed to find the next new movie trend. Universal is hoping it has found movie gold in the old monster classics,  Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and  The Invisible Man. The first up in the series is THE MUMMY starring Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella. With the movie opening in theaters in just a few weeks, Universal Studios has announced that  Javier Bardem and Johnny Depp  have signed on for future movies.

Next up will be THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN starring Javier Bardem as the monster. The movie is being directed by Bill Condo, who won an Oscar for his 1999 film GODS AND MONSTERS. This movie is set for release in Feb of 2019.

Johnny Depp will portray the Invisible Man but no details have been given as to a release date.

All of the movies in the Dark Universe franchise will be connected by Dr. Jekyll (played by Russell Crowe). Dr. Jekyll oversees a mysterious group called the Prodigium , which has as their mission the destruction of  monsters.

Johnny Depp to Star in Indie Film RICHARD SAYS GOODBYE

Johnny Depp has signed on to star in the indie film RICHARD SAYS GOODBYE to be directed by Wayne Roberts.  This will be only Roberts second film and is a follow up to his debut film KATIE SAYS GOOD BYE.

In the comedy drama Johnny Depp plays a college professor who receives some bad health news. Wayne Roberts is not saying what the bad news is; but one can assume that it is a terminal illness because it causes Depp’s character to go on a drug and alcohol binge.

The film is being presented to buyers at The Cannes Film Festival. It is being financed by M Global and being produced by Greg Shapiro and Brian Kavanaugh-Jones.

Stan Lee and His Super Heroes Go to China

Stan Lee has announced that he has sold his entertainment company POW! Entertainment to the Chinese company CAMSING International Holdings. The deal includes  X Men, Spider Man, The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man. Under the deal, Stan Lee remains chief creative officer while CAMSING International Holdings has the rights to POW! Entertainment’s library of intellectual properties for film, television, games, virtual reality, animation, live events, tours, comics, and publishing.

Of the deal Stan Lee said,  “I am enthusiastic to continue with the next chapter of my career and to be involved with the continued development and production of so many of the new projects that we developed while at POW Entertainment. The Camsing merger will provide additional resources for development of these projects and access to new markets. Ultimately this will enhance and create additional opportunities for fans of the genre around the globe to enjoy the superheroes that we have created over the last few years. Excelsior!”

CAMSING International Holdings already has deals in place with Disney for STAW WARS and Warner Brothers for TRANSFORMERS.

Filming Has Begun On Todd Robinson’s THE LAST FULL MEASURE


Filming has begun in Atlanta and Costa Rica on THE LAST FULL MEASURE starring Peter Fonda. THE LAST FULL MEASURE is about the real life story of Pentagon investigator Scott Huffman as he battles Washington politics in an effort to win justice for  Vietnam War hero William Pitsenbarger. Told through the eyes of survivors, THE LAST FULL MEASURE tells the story of how Pitsenbarger gave his own life in order to rescue  men in Charlie Company, 2nd Battalion, 16th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division. During one of the bloodiest battles of the Vietnam War, Pitsenbarger  saved the lives of 60 men before losing his own at the tender of age of 20.