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Narcissister Speaks on Film ‘Narcissister Organ Player’

ATM: What could be the definition of a woman’s sexuality without thinking about “sex?”

N: A woman can define her sexuality in many ways. For example, in my work as Narcissister, I let the erotics be queer in that they are on my own terms, I decide how and what sexuality is for that character- it’s very unconventional and very focused on finding myriad ways that she can meet her own needs, sexual and otherwise.

ATM: What is your view on how others look at your work? It can get seen as ahead of its time because it slips over some of people’s minds.

N: I have surrendered to the fact that my art is not for everyone, that not everyone with “get it” and this may be because it’s ahead of its time or just because it’s very specific in its aims and aesthetics.

ATM: Express what contemporary is art in 2018. Also, how did the voyeurism of your mother influence the progression of your art through the years? 

N: It’s so broad and this is exciting. That said- much of it is based on new technologies which are not my thing. For better or worse, I am very lo-fi with my work and my ways. We watched each other closely, each in our own ways. It was part of our dynamic. This is why in several places in the film I include pictures of my mom holding a camera taking a picture of me as I was taking a picture of her. 

ATM: How do you keep the drive to be authentic? How you explain the emotional and also internal connection you and your mother shared?

N: Authenticity is especially radical now and I have always been drawn to radical people and movements. It was based on her being an immigrant, having health issues, and on the conflicts she and my dad had. Internal connection is that l am her flesh and blood, she is the vessel l came through, she created me. She was a beautiful person, I loved her deeply. The rest is mystical or just random chance.

Narcissister’s close connection with her mother expanded beyond the horizon some other relationships that are between a mother and daughter. The relationship between them was powerful to the point where no one could enter or intervene. Not even the men. “l was in a relationship with her. The men in my life were secondary.” This primary connection allowed her to find the foundation of art. Art has very different meanings and it is often opinionated. Narcissister feels art is “Creation. Experience and emotion made manifest.” Her art is very unique and allows someone to receive their own interpretation of their sexuality. Eroticism seems to be at the forefront of her platform.” Eroticism is part of my art, has always been, l am not sure if it adds or detracts, it’s just essential to my vision.”

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