SPACE JAM: A New Legacy Crosses Up BLACK WIDOW For No. 1 At The Box Office

King James and Space Jam: A New Generation have dethroned Black Widow after just one week at the top of the box office. The newest “Space Jam” opened to the tune of $31,650,000 million domestically ($54,661,000 worldwide) while simultaneously being released on HBO Max.  

Black Widow still took in $26,251,000 — though that is a massive drop of 67% from its opening weekend. This is the fastest a “MCU” movie has been dethroned from the box office in its second week since 2018’s Ant-Man & The Wasp.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions opened with $8.8 million domestically and another $4.5 million internationally, making its worldwide opening $13.3 million. That is under 50% of the first movie in the franchise opened to, but still good enough for third place this weekend.

F9 pushed its domestic gross to $154,838,955 while taking in another $7,620,000 this past weekend. It is on its way to passing $600 million worldwide with another decent weekend

The Forever Purge is nearing the $50 million worldwide mark after taking in another $4,160,000 this weekend at the domestic box office. It is by far the lowest-grossing movie in the franchise, but the timing of its release hasn’t helped it. Marquee movies just started coming out every weekend now, and the hype simply wasn’t there for the newest “Purge” movie.

Nicholas Cage’s newest movie, Pig, brought in $945,000 this weekend and closed out this weekend’s top ten. Not a earth-shattering gross whatsoever, but another independent movie, Zola, recently opened to a similar figure ($1.2 million) and has had a very good run, tallying $4,272,638 after three weeks. We will see if its theatrical release expands and more moviegoers get to watch Nicholas Cage rescue his pig.

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