New State-Of-Art Lakeside Studio in Development in Sydney to meet Australia’s Demand in TV and Film Boom

Lakeside Studio and Penrith Lakes Development Corporation have today announced a commercial agreement to developaworld-class purpose-built film studio and production training facility in Western Sydney to service the growth in demand for new content and Australia’s world-class creative industry.

The new state-of-the-art Lakeside Studio complex, incorporating next-generation technology to produce motion pictures and television series will be set over 96 acres (39 hectares), situated amid the growing tourism and tech precinct immediately west of Sydney and the new Aerotropolis and 24/7 international airport, involving billions of dollars in new infostructure.

Lakeside Studio will look to capitalise on the explosion in international film productions that have been produced or are presently in production, with recent enquiries from overseas filmmakers estimated to be over AUD$2 billion in production value.

The multi-million-dollar facility planned over 3 phases will eventually feature 10 sound stages of various sizes aimed at attracting large-scale international productions, as well as catering for the domestic market. Number One sound stage with an area of 48,000sqft (4500sqm) will be the largest sound stage in the Southern Hemisphere, with a total sound stage area of over 226,000sqft (21,000sqm). The much-needed facilities combined with a massive backlot and extensive water shooting options will ensure that Australia is in a position to capitalise upon the thriving global film and television industry, a further boost to the countries exemplary reputation as a shooting destination that offers healthy financial incentives, first-rate talent both in front of and behind the camera and a diverse range of locations.

Lakeside Studio development will be spearheaded by James M. Vernon in the role of Managing Director, an industry veteran who has 35 credits as executive producer and producer including Hacksaw Ridge, The Kings Daughter and Predestination. He is joined by his daughter and fellow producer Kristy Vernon (Gabriel, Sweet River, Rising Wolf) in the role of Director Studio Operations, and former Warner Bros. International President Wayne Duband, who will serve as the international studio consultant. Together they will be responsible for transforming the substantial land area into a leading global studio.

James M. Vernon, said: “As streaming platforms race to produce original content, surging demand for studio sound stage space has created a worldwide shortage of studio facilities. Featuring extensive purpose-built digital production facilities, Lakeside Studio is set to become a new powerhouse of creative production to attract international film and television productions and deliver a world-class studio environment.”

Wayne Duband, added: “Australia’s film industry is thriving and over the last decade has developed a global industry reputation with a slate of productions that have had an overwhelmingly positive shooting experience. This was further fuelled by the way the country handled the global pandemic with an unprecedented boom in both local and international film production. Combined with financial incentives, a wealth of talent, a range of locations, Lakeside Studio will be perfectly positioned to meet the demand.”

Kristy Vernon said: “Sydney is home to some of the best creative talent anywhere in the world, so every effort will be made to nurture, harness and promote the emerging writers, directors and producers, but in particular provide the industries future top line crew personnel by way of traineeships via the establishment of the Lakeside Studio Film Academy.”

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