Untitled HORROR Movie Casting Call

PLOT: Four lifelong friends who love nothing more then watching horror movies and reading comic books accidentally stumble across a monster who has awakened. It will be up to them to stop the forces of evil before its too late. Think “The Goonies” meets “The Monster Squad.”
***The film DOES NOT contain any excessive violence, drug use, sexual themes, or anything political.***
Seeking Performers Union and NON-Union (SAG Micro Budget) able to portray the following ROLES:
***NOTE*** These roles are considered LEADS, and will have MULTIPLE DAYS.
[VLAD THE HEAD VAMPIRE] MALE 40s-50s. The big, bad villain of the film. Scary. Intimidating. Vlad has been asleep for many years, and has finally awoken so he can get his revenge.
[ARNOLD] MALE 40s-50s. Rough and rugged, but has a clean smile. Eugene has spent many years of his life searching for the monstrous threat that lurks in the shadows.
[SEAN] MALE 10-14 years old. The so called “leader” of the monster club. Sean is determined and not afraid of anything, even if monsters are real…A loyal and dedicated friend, the only responsibility he neglects is the one requiring to watch his little sister.
[SPECS] MALE 10-14 years old. Our bumbling and lovable comic relief. Specs always has something to say, and he doesn’t care who is listening. He’s not afraid of “anything”, or so he says….think of “Chunk” from “The Goonies.”
[JOEY] MALE 10-14 years old. The last piece of our group of heroes. Joey is the outcast, rebel, and bad boy type. He doesn’t need to overreact to make that known. He knows being slick and calm is the route to go.
[PEYTON] FEMALE 10-14 years old. The girl next door. Smart, cunning and sporty, but don’t let her looks deceive you, because this girl knows more about comic books than most.
[JAMES] MALE 40s-50s. Old school rough and rugged type. Think 80’s action star if he was a cop. Handsome and good looking, but relaxed and collective. James is the father of Sean and Morgan. As a single father, and Sheriff of the town, James usually has a lot going on, but that doesn’t stop him from being a good man.
[MORGAN] FEMALE 5-10 years old. Sean’s little sister. Morgan just wants to fit in with her older brother and his group of friends.
[FATHER SAMPSON] MALE 50s-60s. A soft spoken and genuinely welcoming man. One could think he is the true heart and soul of the town.
The FOLLOWING roles are considered SUPPORTING, and will work 1-2 days:
[THE DRIVER] MALE 40’s-50’s. Cigarette smoker and not clean shaven, and clearly doesn’t care about his job. He is a prison transport driver.
[MUSTACHE] MALE 40’s-50’s. Hard ass and tough guy. Mustache is in charge of a prison transport bus, and oversees getting prisoners from point A to point B.
[BIG] MALE 30’s-40’s. Intimidating and scary. 1 of 3 prisoners who escape from the Prison Transport after the attack. They are the type you wouldn’t want to cross in a dark alley in the middle of the night. Character types welcome. The more unique the look, the better.
[KAYLA] FEMALE 20s-30s. The first monster we get a glimpse at. Kayla tries to contain the beast within, but is overtaken by the urges. **IDEALLY, physically fit, or gymnast.**
[EUGENE] MALE 30s-50s. Town drunk. A mean and abusive person, who is the first to fall to Vlad’s onslaught.
[MR. SPRITZER] MALE 40s-50s. Loud and mean. Not in the best shape since the divorce. Mr. Spritzer isn’t amused by kids games.
[BILLY] MALE 10-15 years old. Athletic. Upperclassmen to our group of heroes. Billy and Joey are two friends who are embarrassed to go the conventional route of buying comic books.
[FATHER WINSTON] MALE 50s-60s. A man of the cloth, and the handler of the two Vaughn Brothers. A no nonsense man of his word. Father Winston keeps the Vaughn Brothers in line, while honoring his role as a Father of the Church.
[ANGELA] FEMALE 40s-50s. Classic Italian woman who looks like she was stripped right out of a 70’s Scorsese movie. She’s got the attitude. She’s got the grit. She’s got the towering hairstyle.
[HEAVILY FEATURED MONSTERS] Looking for people interested in being monsters. This would require prosthetics, and/or a little bit of makeup. These would be HEAVILY featured roles.
We will be shooting October 2nd-October 16th. Must have flexible availability during those dates. The location will be around Rhode Island.
COMPENSATION: Copy, credit, meals, and a Stipend. (Stipend is still being figured out but will have a better idea closer to audition date)
Auditions will be held on Saturday September 10th at the Cumberland Public Library, in Cumberland, RI by appointment ONLY.

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