Gratitude Revealed Review

Director Louie Schwartzberg brings a stirring ride when flowing through the sensations of life in Gratitude Revealed.

The 82-minute feature rolls smoothly along, detailing the wonders of life and entities. Schwartzberg is featured in the documentary, describing how his parents survived the Holocaust and learned the virtue of gratitude. His filmmaking is a sign of optimism, much like our optimism to strive for more. The connections, as many states, come from our relationship with nature, humans, and the world. So why we live is such a fascination, from our continuous imaginations to our inevitable desires and actions. In a sense, it speaks similarly to other filmmakers, particularly Satyajit Ray’s Pather Panchali, where Apu has an epiphany of wonders despite living with an impoverished family in the rural villages of India.

Here, each talking head and B-roll shot enhance a staggering motion picture. We seek the gift of everlasting happiness, which can only occur when humans support and love one another. Succumbing to the devastating sins of life like conflict, war, and death all continue to sever lines and disconnect our morals. Schwartzberg recognizes our stunning interconnection with the environments around us; it all leads to pleasures and joy. It also begs us to embrace the gratitude aspect further, relishing in the rewards and effects it brings upon our souls. Finally, the feature stands littered with some sincere quotes and vibrant music, which keeps it flowing nicely, much like the days and years that dawn above us.

Like life itself, there should be no wasted motion; we all seek to make something of ourselves. Anytime, anywhere, it’s our manner of living in the moment. From food to art to music to exploration, it all means much more when we share the present with others.

Gratitude opens our hearts. Maybe it’s time that we all share its astonishing vigor.

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