After an adolescence during which he was in and out of trouble, ANDRE DILLARD found his path and has become the beloved pastor of a venerable inner city church that has been ministering to the needs of the community for the past 150 years. But this Christmas season is badly trying Andre’s faith. Not only is his congregation so broke they can’t even afford to put on their annual Christmas benefit, but Andre learns that his old high school classmate, KEN McBRIDE, the man that he went to jail for back in high school, has bought the church outright and is planning a shopping center on the property. And worse, when Andre steps in to protect a former girlfriend from her abusive boyfriend, he winds up behind bars on a domestic violence charge, with his bail set at an impossibly high million dollars. Things couldn’t get much worse for Andre — until he realizes that these terrible trials are a test of faith that ultimately inspire him to a reawakened sense of purpose in his life. And in the long run, all his troubles may be happily — almost miraculously — solved, just in time for a joyous Christmas…

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