Review: Somebody I Used to Know

Dave Franco and his wife Alison Brie return as film cowriters in the new romantic comedy, Somebody I Used to Know. Franco and Brie have worked together on several other projects. In 2017, they costarred in movies The Little Hours and Disaster Hours. Franco made his directorial debut in the 2020 thriller movie, The Rental, in which Brie plays one of the main characters.

Somebody I Used to Know tells the story of a showrunner named Ally and her quest to get back together with her ex-boyfriend. After her failing reality TV series gets canceled, Ally visits her mother (Julie Hagerty) in her hometown. They don’t appear to have a bad relationship, but Ally doesn’t spend any real time with her mother. Ally runs into her ex-boyfriend, Sean (Jay Ellis), when visiting a nearby bar—a night of drinking and catching up leads to a kiss. Later, after visiting his home, Ally learns that Sean is engaged to a woman named Cassidy (Kiersey Clemons). Before Ally can leave, Sean’s mother requests she sticks around for the wedding and film it.

As the movie progresses, viewers see Cassidy growing more frustrated with Ally’s presence at the bridal festivities. However, both women grow fond of each other as they spend more time together. But after Ally succeeds in sabotaging the couple’s trust in each other, Cassidy calls off the wedding. Although Sean and Ally developed feelings for each other again, they accepted that they were never right for each other. Sean and Cassidy end up resuming their wedding after Ally confesses to her attempt at sabotaging their marriage. Before leaving for Los Angeles, Ally promises to visit her mother more and picks up work on another television series. Viewers learn that Sean and Cassidy are about to become parents, which Ally seems happy about. It is also suggested that Ally will soon have a new love interest after she accepts a date with a new man.

I first found myself interested in this movie after hearing a young woman discuss it on TikTok. She described a premise about a woman (Ally) who decides to pursue her ex-boyfriend (Sean) after wondering if they are meant to be together. Even though she finds out her ex is engaged, that doesn’t stop her from pursuing him. I did not know what to expect from the movie, but I can say it was not as exciting as I expected. I found the movie boring as I constantly checked the time stamp to see when it would be over. It was uncomfortable to watch Sean and Ally’s connection strengthen, knowing he was already committed to Cassidy. The fact that Ally secretly invited Cassidy’s parents to the wedding, well aware of their strained relationship, proved her selfishness. Overall, I did not expect Ally to end up with Sean, nor was I hoping she would.

Somebody I Used to Know is available on Amazon Prime.


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