Review: Murder Mystery 2

Netflix’s new mystery-comedy movie starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, Murder Mystery, certainly kept me interested. I’ve only seen the first movie once. It came out in 2019, so I didn’t remember much about the story. But I was eager to see this new movie as I enjoy Adam Sandler’s comedies.

In Murder Mystery, married couple Audrey (Aniston) and Nick (Sandler) Spitz get caught up in a murder and end up being the ones to solve the case. In the new movie, the couple quit their jobs and started a private detective agency. However, the couple are struggling with their marriage and amateur business. Hoping to gain some attention and professional credibility, the two travel to a private European island after accepting a wedding invitation from their wealthy friend, Vikram “Vik” Govindam. The wedding gets extra spicy when Vik gets abducted by an unknown figure. The kidnapper contacts Nick and Audrey to demand they fork over $70 million.

Like most mysteries, the movie gives viewers several suspects before crossing them off the culprit list one by one. As the movie concludes, viewers find out that the kidnapper is M16 hostage negotiator Connor Miller (Mark Strong), who was thought to be assigned to solve Vik’s kidnapping. This came as a surprise to viewers as they saw him seemingly get blown up after getting into a hijacked SUV. During an intense fight on the Eiffel Tower with Audrey, Miller is thrown from the tower and into the blades of his getaway helicopter, killing him.

But that isn’t where the mystery ends. In a surprise twist, Vik’s sister, Saira, is revealed to be the second collaborator in her brother’s abduction. Her motive is jealousy. Although Saira makes one last attempt to kill her brother by shooting him, she is knocked unconscious by Vik’s fiancé, Claudette (Melanie Laurent).

As a thank you for helping to save his life, Vik gives Nick and Audrey $10 million, which they use to finally go on their honeymoon in Greece. However, their helicopter is taken over by an American pilot who holds them at gunpoint in the air and demands the couple hand over the bag Vik gave them with the $10 million. After taking the bag, the pilot jumps out of the helicopter with his parachute. The movie ends with the couple scrambling to get to the steering wheel as the helicopter plummets.

Overall, I found Murder Mystery 2 full of humor, action, and suspense. It was a quick and easy whodunit to keep viewers entertained for eighty minutes. I also liked that the movie didn’t need gore or intense violence to be considered an action movie. The scenery made me want to go on a tropical vacation, then return to Paris, France. Though I found some of the comedy cheesy and predictable, that didn’t stop me from snickering. But I couldn’t get over Imani’s (Zurin Villanueva) humorous death scene. Anyone who saw it could agree that the actress could’ve at least attempted to make that a better scene. 

This movie is certainly not on its way to any reward shows, but it’s one I’ll be watching again when I need a laugh.

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