The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Andy Warhol’s Filmography

While some may be quick to criticize Warhol’s films and call them “boring” or “dull,” it must be considered the time period of their creation. Film and television in the sixties wasn’t like the uproarious, explicit media we are so accustomed to consuming. Neither profanity nor nudity were common practice, so for Warhol’s bold films […]

“Queer Eye” is Television We Need Today

Since 2013, streaming service giant Netflix has released 141 forms of original television content ranging from docu-series (“Making a Murderer”) to comedy (“Orange is the New Black”) to crime (“Narcos”) to action (“Jessica Jones.”) Netflix also produces children’s content and exclusive movies, some of which have won Emmy’s (“13th”) based on their groundbreaking concepts. All […]

10 Still Series #3: “Heathers”

1988’s teen comedy “Heathers” didn’t make an impact upon its release 30 years ago, but now remains a cult classic of 80’s black comedy. Starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater as two teenagers spiraling into trouble and murder, it has since gone on to inspire a musical and even an ill-fated television series. “Heathers” was […]

Carly Craig Hails New YouTube Premium Original

The popular app, Tinder, has impacted the dating and romance world with a for improving the hookup {dating} world. Dating has become more like an interview rather than a nice dinner. Carly Craig turned her personal Tinder drama into a YouTube Premium Original series. Sideswiped is a new comedy web series on YouTube that expands on Craig’s […]

A Powerful Love Story Between Young Adults

Hot Summer Nights is the first film directed by Elijah Byum. The rookie is set to premiere his film that’s a love story between two young adults. In just one week, Bynum will invite the world into the world of growing up and living through the heartbreaks of being a young adult. A move to […]

Trans Author Janet Mock Makes History with Directorial Debut

TV genius and mastermind of “American Horror Story,” Ryan Murphy has made headlines for his new flamboyant series chronicling the underground drag balls of the 1980s, “Pose.” And Janet Mock, transgender activist, author, and good friends with actress Laverne Cox (“Orange is the New Black”) recently directed her own episode for the show, making history […]

Late 2018 Releases to Look Out For

“Peppermint” (September 7) In perhaps actress Jennifer Garner’s (“13 Going on 30”) most ambitiously transformative role, she plays average-mom-turned-guerilla-soldier on a rampage to avenge her husband and daughter who were murdered at the hands of a drug cartel who walked away innocent under the law’s eye. Directed by Pierre Morel (“Taken”), the film also casts […]