Disney live-action remakes are many things. Some are everything that is wonderful about childhood adapted for a more mature audience. Others are emblematic of just how lazy Hollywood seems to have become.  And then there are others which are a striking reminder of how much the world has changed since the original animated version was […]


If you think Brightburn sounds like Superman fan fiction, you’re mostly right. There are unapologetic parallels to a DC or Marvel comic book story. However, let us be clear, it is a horror film. The protagonist crash lands on Earth inside a meteor, gets adopted by a childless couple in rural America who name him […]

The Biggest Little Farm

The Biggest Little Farm is a modern day rendition of a James Herriot story that speaks to the realities of sustainable living in today’s world. It charms audiences with its beautiful cinematography and lovable animals without sugar coating the challenges involved in building and running a farm. Best of all, it’s a documentary about food […]


Portraying the early years of one of the most famous writers in human history is a tall order, but Tolkien actually manages to pull it off. It is an enthralling biography of JRR Tolkien’s youth combined with the finer details of what inspired him to write The Lord of the Rings. Full of magic, beauty, […]

Review: Long Shot

Long Shot is one of those special films that makes a social or political statement in a delightfully charming and humorous way. Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen are perfectly cast as two characters who learn through each other to step outside of their comfort zones. With an all-star cast delivering a captivating performance full of […]

Review: Happy Cleaners

Happy Cleaners seems to be an ironic name for this film. It depicts the experience of the Choi family, a Korean immigrant couple and their American-born kids struggling to get by in the Flushing neighborhood of New York City. Kevin (Yun Jeong) and his sister Hyunny (Yeena Sung) routinely clash with their complacent father and […]

Review: Carmine Street Guitars

Carmine Street Guitars is a rare dose of feel-good in the modern theater. It brings you to a small oasis of individual care and attention in a world of franchises and chain stores. This documentary film is named after the shop on which it focuses, Carmine Street Guitars, founded and run since the 1970s by […]

The Curse of La Llorona: Review

The Curse of La Llorona is based on an authentic Latin folktale that has frightened children for generations. La Llorona (the Weeping Woman) is said to wander the water’s edge after dark, steal children and drown them. The legends say the softer the sound of her weeping, the closer she actually is to you. It’s […]

Review: Shazam

It’s hard to deny that comic book superheros are dominating Hollywood today. But if you thumb through a comic book archive and take a look at the first publications of many of those heroes, by modern standards they would likely seem a little childish at best and plain silly at worst. Shazam relates to a […]

Review: The Wandering Earth

The Wandering Earth is perhaps the most highly anticipated Sci-Fi film in Chinese cinema history. It stars Wu Jing, who was also the star and director of China’s historical blockbuster Wolf Warrior II, as well as Qu Chuxiao and veteran actor Ng Man-tat.   Earth’s sun is at the threshold of going nova. In a […]