P. David Ebersole & Todd Hughes: Film-making Power-Duo

Todd Hughes grew up contemplating being a marine biologist or a doctor, but his high school teacher suggested pursuing a more creative career. The teacher knew of his love for creative writing, which led to his desire to become a screenwriter. He had also deeply admired movies since he was a child. After finishing college […]

Netflix’s FATAL AFFAIR: A Type of Lifetime Original Movie

In Fatal Affair, attorney Ellie Warren (Nia Long) lives on the coast of San Francisco with her husband, Marcus (Stephen Bishop), and their daughter, Brittany (Aubrey Cleland). Marcus and Ellie are trying to strengthen their marriage while Marcus is recovering from being in a car accident. Ellie’s boss at a law firm introduces her to […]

Farah X & Lisa Cortes of THE REMIX: HIP HOP X FASHION

Lisa Cortes and Farah X are award winning directors, producers, and editors. Both women co-directed the Netflix documentary: The Remix: Hip Hop X Fashion. Tribeca Studios had reached out to the film-making industry for ideas on creating a film on hip-hop fashion. Both directors were inspired to make a documentary that opened more eyes to […]

Control Z: Your Secrets are Not Safe

Are anyone’s secrets really safe in high school? Can a person truly trust someone they consider a friend? Certainly, not at Colegio Nacional (National School). During a school assembly, an anonymous hacker publicly unveils many of the student’s deepest secrets, throwing their lives and emotions into turmoil. Control Z is Mexican teen drama. It premiered […]

Hamilton on Disney+

Disney Plus has released a musical film depicting the 2015 Broadway musical: Hamilton. It was inspired by a 2004 biography on Alexander Hamilton. The show was a huge hit and sold out at its premiere. Lin-Manuel Miranda worked as the composer, lead cast member, and the writer for the musical. The main cast included all […]

Thirteen Reasons Why: Give Me a Reason  *trigger warning* 

When Season 1 of ​Thirteeen Reasons Why ​ Season 1 premiered on Netflix March 31, 2017, it focused on the tragic suicide of fictional high school student Hannah Baker (Katharine Langford). The fourth and final season premiered June 5th, 2020. The limited American television series was created by Brian Yorkey and was based off of […]

How to Get Away with Murder: Who Actually Did? 

The night of ABC’s ​How to Get Away with Murder ​ series finale kept millions of fans glued to their seats as they anxiously waited to know the fate of each character. After six seasons and almost six years of cliffhangers, questions, and tears, lovers of the popular thriller have finally gotten their answers. Many […]