A New Thriller on the Horizon | Behind the Scenes of the movie CHARLIE

For all the horror fans out there, get your big kid panties on, because AH 100 Entertainment is bringing us a fresh thriller during the quarantine. If you enjoy revenge, psychological twists, and a core group of friends revisiting their dark pasts, the new movie Charlie will deliver your perverse fantasies. This gripping tale is […]

The Most Radical Movie of 2020 | BILL AND TED FACE THE MUSIC

In the mix of all the bad news, 2020 has a most excellent surprise for us coming in late August. A new Bill and Ted movie! The end to a trilogy looks to be radical in every way with many returning characters, a hilarious new plot, and music to save the universe. What more could […]

Skin: A History of Nudity at the Movies

What are you willing to get naked for? A question every actress has asked herself before unveiling her goods on the big screen. The world has always been obsessed with the wonders of the bare skin. Throughout history, every art form, from every culture, has tried to captivate the beauty of the nude and it […]

The Reel Truth: Is Film School Worth It?

To go to film school or not to go to film school? That is the question. Many people often wonder if going to film school is worth it because the truth is, you do not need a degree to get your foot in the door. With college tuition and fancy lab fees, it has people […]

Breaking Through the Celluloid Ceiling: Women Behind the Camera

Since its conception, film has been a man’s game. Women have always been in film but have rarely received the recognition they deserve. In 2013, women made up to nine percent of directors, according to a San Diego University study, and it has dropped down to only eight percent in 2019. The pay for making […]

Getting Lost in The Labyrinth

The Challenges of Making a Sequel It is time to break out your old David Bowie CD and to hide your babies because the Goblin King is back! There is confirmation that the cult classic The Labyrinth (1986) will have a sequel that will begin filming this coming year and all the fans cannot wait […]


Netflix recently put out its latest documentary based around celebrity’s LSD experiences and sprinkled it with some tips and tricks from the masters on how to manage the infamous drug. It is relatively short, only lasting about an hour and fifteen minutes but is filled with beautiful and entertaining animations, funny reenactments, and interviews from […]

Tyler Perry’s Production Studio Ready To Open

2020 has already been a life changer for most of the world as everyone was forced into quarantine and had to reconstruct the way we live around COVID-19. Now, walking through the streets, we see it littered with people wearing masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer bottles clipped to the side of their jeans so they […]