Solstice Studios Releases First Look of Russell Crow in “Unhinged”

Solstice Studios have released the first look image of Russell Crow in Unhinged. Academy Award Winner Crow plays a violent psychopath in this film about road rage.  Caren Pistorius co-stars as a mother who blows her horn at the wrong man (Crow) at the wrong time.  He retaliates by terrifying her, her family and everyone […]

‘American Bistro’

American Bistro Is the Feel Good Movie of the Year American Bistro grabs the audience’s attention from the start and doesn’t let go until the end.  In the first scene a young man named Edmund (portrayed by Arthur Diennet) is grieving over his past actions and pondering the consequences. He asks that question that we […]

‘Jay Myself’ is Candy for the Eye and Soul

This film focuses on five months in the life of famed photographer Jay Maisel as he moves from his home of 48 years.  Director Stephen Wilkes captures Maisel as he shifts through his life’s work and treasures deciding what must be kept and what can be let go of.  Along the way viewers see not […]

‘Trespassers’ Is a Horror Slaughter Fest That Should Be Better Than It Is

Tresspassers is the latest addition to the now popular home invasion genre. It has all the necessary elements of a horror film; secrets, lies, suspense, a remote setting, stupid decision making and blood.  It is a worthy film for diehard fans of horror. However, the average movie watcher may find it predictable with a slow […]

Joe Berlinger Set to Direct Two Documentaries on the Death of Martin Luther King Jr.

Joe Berlinger Set to Direct Two Documentaries on the Death of Martin Luther King Jr. Prolific director Joe Berlinger (“Paradise Lost”) is set to direct and produce two documentaries on the death of Martin Luther King. The Emmy Award winning director is working closely with Reverend James Lawson, a civil rights activist and friend of […]

They Are the Satanic Temple and They Are Mad as Hell

Bravo to Magnolia Pictures for having the bravery to release Hail Satan! This documentary shows the political activism of members of the Satanic Temple.  And although their methods are not for everyone; what they are trying to do is of importance to every citizen who values their civil liberties. The Satanic Temple was formed by […]

The Powerhouse Duo Emily and Elizabeth Hinkler

Emily Hinkler and Elizabeth Hinkler are powerhouse twins who are actors, producers and LGBTQIA advocates. They played conjoined twins on two episodes of ABC’s The Good Doctor. Emily recently played a boy (Lee) who is forced to attend gay conversion therapy in Boy Erased. Elizabeth will be on the big screen this spring in the […]

Family Classic “Prehysteria” Comes to Blu-Ray/DVD

Full Moon Features is best known for its catalogue of horror films which include the horror classic, The Puppet Master. Founded by director/producer Charles Band in the late 80s, Full Moon Features has a little known secret – Moonbeam Entertainment. During the 1990s Moonbeam Entertainment was the outlet for Band’s science fiction, family friendly movies. […]

“The Angel” Explores the Labyrinth Life of Double Spy Ashraf Marwan

Ashraf Marwan was a double spy for both Israel and Egypt during the 1970’s.  He was the son-in-law of Gamal Abdel Nasser.  His relationship with Nasser was filled with strife. Western educated Marwan thought it was a mistake for Egypt to ally with Russia and should instead find a way to make an ally of […]