In 1993, The film Groundhog Day, directed by Harold Ramis and starring Bill Murray, was released. While only somewhat successful in its initial theatrical run, the film has grown to be a modern movie classic, one of the best directorial efforts of Ramis’s, an iconic starring role for Bill Murray, and comedy film which introduced […]

Quibi: an Experiment in Short Attention Spans

A good question to ask any new technology or mode of expression would be whether it’s exciting and innovative, or merely different for the sake of being different. This question has been asked and answered in television and film since the mediums existed. For instance, sound in film without a doubt revolutionized movies, but adding […]

The Morning Show

Whenever a new product gets released, be it a new video format, video game console, or, in this case, streaming service, it’s inevitably launched alongside media meant to show off this product’s capabilities. The media launched alongside this new product is often meant to be flashy, to establish the product, and to effectively advertise it. […]


With the outbreak of COVID throughout the world, streaming services have overtaken theaters as the primary way to watch movies today. One of the more recent streaming services, Apple TV+, debuted in November of last year. With this release came a slew of original programming starring all sorts of celebrities in a bid to get […]


There’s an ongoing trend in which successful W.W.E. wrestlers try to make the switch to film acting. From John Cena to Hulk Hogan, many have tried, and most have failed. However, given the fact that one of the biggest movie stars today, The Rock, started off on the W.W.E., it goes to show that it’s […]

Series Review: Floor is Lava Doesn’t Have Legs to Endure

Netflix debuted its first original game show, Awake: The Million Dollar Game, in June last year, a show where contestants are deprived of sleep and made to compete in physical and mental tasks in pursuit of a million dollar prize. A year later Netflix has debuted a new game show, this time called Floor is […]

30 Years Later, PARIS IS BURNING Resonates More than Ever

Pride month is inexorably different this year. This isn’t just pride month; it’s a pride month when many are struggling to find ways to celebrate, given the coronavirus and the shunning of large social gatherings; it’s the pride month when the supreme court made the landmark decision that individuals can’t be fired on the basis […]

‘Les Misérables’ Review: Speaking Truth to Power through Film

There is no doubt that we are going through a massive period of change in this country. Whether you agree or disagree with the way people have expressed their anger, it can’t be denied that there are systemic problems with policing, particularly of black men, not only in America but also worldwide. At times such […]

Drive-In Movie: Social Distancing While Movie-going

One of the biggest problems on people’s minds today is undoubtedly the coronavirus. Even though numerous states across the country are electing to loosen their previous restrictions on social gatherings, many people remain afraid of catching the virus, and wish to avoid places and activities that could have a high risk of infection. One of […]

Scoob! Review

There are few animated properties with the brand recognition of Scooby Doo. Much like the Looney Tunes, Mickey Mouse, and Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo is a classic cartoon that will be the subject of remakes and re-imaginings for the foreseeable future. The latest iteration of this franchise comes in the form of Tony Cervone’s […]