What Are Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics are animation pieces utilized to create the illusion of motion. To give you a better understanding, motion graphics is a combination of design and animation – animated graphic design. Motion graphics is all about making the audience feel a certain way about something. Artists utilize texts, typography, and other animation effects to enhance […]

SHOW ME THE MONEY: The Basics of Film Financing

Yes, you have this amazing idea for a film. You know it is America’s next “number one movie”.  You do everything in your power to make this idea tangible.  But you cannot make this vision come to life if you don’t have the proper funds.  Film financing is one of the most crucial steps in […]

BEHIND THE MUSIC: Music Scoring in Film

Creating a movie is already a tedious and strenuous task.  Creating an original score for said movie is just as intense and multifaceted.  Film scoring is a joint process between the director and composer.  Although the score for a film can sometimes go unrecognized and unappreciated, it is just important as any other aspect of […]

The 2020 Oscars: Who Took Home The Gold?

The 92nd Academy Awards ceremony premiered last night.  The Oscars, one of the most prestigious awards given in the film industry honored the best films of 2019.  After a night of amazing musical performances, hilarious monologues and skits, and tributes to our fallen stars, the Oscars announced winners in 24 categories.  Let’s take a look […]