NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders is Now Hiring Filmmakers

The team is looking for “The Manager of Video Production will be responsible for overseeing a team of professionals within Silver and Black Productions.” Job requirements include “organizing and managing the schedules and workflows of the video production staff (producers, videographers and editors) in support of content creation for Raiders’ media platforms (e.g., broadcast, website, […]

Jobby Job – Call for Sound Crew

Ajnag Productions is in need of a sound crew with their own equipment. This is for the 48 Hour Horror Film Project.  Competition rules mandate that all participants be unpaid. Filming in Richmond, Virginia on  October 11 – 13. If interested please contact Ajnag  Productions at

ATM Jobby Jobs – Disney + Marvel Series is Now Hiring Crew

An upcoming Disney + Marvel series is now hiring crew in Georgia. Producers are now accepting resumes for all crew positions. As a result, producers are looking for production assistants, grips, gaffers, make-up artists, stylists, wardrobe artists, and other crew members to work on the upcoming feature film. How to apply: To submit, please email

Part Of The Process: What Is A Filming Permit?

Filming permits are permits issued by governments to allow the filming of motion pictures. Every city and state has some sort of council or office that handles filming permits. Obtaining film permits is part of the process of location scouting, and they are usually the responsibility of the location manager. Permits are issued prior to […]

Netflix’s New Movie is Now Hiring

Netflix’s new feature film Holidate is now hiring an experienced set designer to work on the movie as it films in Georgia. The new movie will star Emma Roberts. According to reports, the story follows Sloane (Roberts) and Jackson, two perpetual singles who hate the holidays since their continual lack of a significant other subjects […]

Analysis: ‘The Mercy’

The Mercy represents how isolation can influence someone’s mentality and perspective on life. Donald Crowhurst was a real amateur Yachtsman whose goal was to compete in sailing around the world in the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race 1969. In the opening scene, he becomes curious about this race. He seems lost within himself as a person. […]

Animal Planet’s ‘Tanked’

Brothers-in-law Brett Raymer and Wayde King have a thriving business with making customized aquariums, which is all of what their show Tanked is about on the Animal Planet channel. Raymer talks with us about the show and how it first got started. ATM: Did you go to aquariums as a child? If so, then describe […]

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Andy Warhol’s Filmography

While some may be quick to criticize Warhol’s films and call them “boring” or “dull,” it must be considered the time period of their creation. Film and television in the sixties wasn’t like the uproarious, explicit media we are so accustomed to consuming. Neither profanity nor nudity were common practice, so for Warhol’s bold films […]