“Queer Eye” is Television We Need Today

Since 2013, streaming service giant Netflix has released 141 forms of original television content ranging from docu-series (“Making a Murderer”) to comedy (“Orange is the New Black”) to crime (“Narcos”) to action (“Jessica Jones.”) Netflix also produces children’s content and exclusive movies, some of which have won Emmy’s (“13th”) based on their groundbreaking concepts. All […]

6 Music Videos That Are Also Fine Short Films

While music videos typically are released to garner attention and radio play for a singer’s newest single, they can also be a platform for cinematic, movie theater experiences. Occasionally, some singers and artists go above and beyond when shooting their music videos to craft theatrical experiences for public consumption. These are singers who used their […]

Did You Known Whitney Houston Produced 5 Disney Movies?

Unbeknownst to many, famed R&B singer and actress Whitney Houston had a lot to do with some of the production of Disney’s finest live action original movies. In 1997 Houston played Fairy Godmother to Brandy in the Emmy winning TV musical “Rodger & Hammerstein’s Cinderella,” a joint collaboration between Walt Disney Television and Houston’s own […]

The Most Amazing Movie Never Made: 1975’s “Dune”

Before David Lynch’s box office bust adaptation of Frank Herbert’s “Dune” in 1984, there was 1975’s star-studded, 14-hour version directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky. After director Stanley Kubrick found huge success with his sci-fi flick “2001: A Space Odyssey,” it’s no surprise that Hollywood went into a scramble to pitch and produce the next big intergalactic […]

How Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie Infiltrated & Subverted Reality Television

It’s no surprise that so-called “reality TV” strays far away from reality itself. Even a show with a title like MTV’s “The Real World” is a lot less than realistic when you think about it. The shift in reality television has boomed since the 2000s, and the narrative soon turned to meticulously planned, highly produced, […]

Remember Michael Jackson’s 1997 Horror Movie with Stephen King?

In probably one of the most bizarre film collaborations of the nineties, late pop legend Michael Jackson joined forces with horror author Stephen King to produce a long-running music video for 1997’s “Ghost.” Jackson was no stranger to music videos that acted as short films, case in point his 14-minute, groundbreaking video for “Thriller.” To […]

Diving Deep into the Mysterious Murder of Netflix’s “The Staircase”

While the biggest question posed in Netflix’s new documentary series “The Staircase” is “Did Michael Peterson kill Kathleen Peterson?” don’t expect to walk away from the show with a conclusive answer. Ultimately, the answer is never given within the 13 episodes, and maybe that’s how it should be. Given the recent influx of crime documentaries […]

Secrets from the Set of “The Shining”

“The Shining” that we all know and love is 1980 Stanley Kubrick film based on a Stephen King novel of the same name. The world remembers the movie mostly for its intense, door-busting scene with Jack Nicholson’s face screaming “Here’s Johnny!” while wielding an axe – and funnily enough, the prop department struggled to build […]

6 Things to Expect from “The First Purge”

Ahead of its anticipated July release, let’s look inside the smash-hit series and count down some fascinating facts behind its fruition. This is the first movie in the Purge franchise not to be directed by creator James DeMonaco. While DeMonaco is remaining as writer for the film, Gerard McMurray is the sole director. As the […]