Farah X & Lisa Cortes of THE REMIX: HIP HOP X FASHION

Lisa Cortes and Farah X are award winning directors, producers, and editors. Both women co-directed the Netflix documentary: The Remix: Hip Hop X Fashion. Tribeca Studios had reached out to the film-making industry for ideas on creating a film on hip-hop fashion. Both directors were inspired to make a documentary that opened more eyes to […]

Breaking Through the Celluloid Ceiling: Women Behind the Camera

Since its conception, film has been a man’s game. Women have always been in film but have rarely received the recognition they deserve. In 2013, women made up to nine percent of directors, according to a San Diego University study, and it has dropped down to only eight percent in 2019. The pay for making […]

Tyler Perry’s Production Studio Ready To Open

2020 has already been a life changer for most of the world as everyone was forced into quarantine and had to reconstruct the way we live around COVID-19. Now, walking through the streets, we see it littered with people wearing masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer bottles clipped to the side of their jeans so they […]

Interview With T.J. Neveldine of NeVerSeeN Media

The Collector’s Chest is a soul stirring horror movie that could be the love child of Anne Rice and Stevie Nicks; but it’s not. It is the brainchild of NeVerSeeN Media and the winner of several highly coveted 48 Hour Film Project awards.  The Collector’s Chest won the 2019 awards for Best Cinematography, Best Editing, […]

Interview: Award winning Producer and Actor Chris Smorto

Chris Smorto, a Virginia native, has won several awards as a producer and appeared in many highly rated films. If he looks familiar it may be because he portrayed the lawman in Harriett, and the restaurant patron in Glass. His production company, CineVentures, recently won two 48 Hour Horror Film Awards for the short film […]

The Making of VILLIANS with Dan Berk and Robert Olsen

With Villains directors and writers Dan Berk and Robert Olsen have created the most original comedy-horror movie to come along in years.  Viewers never quite know what to expect.  While one scene will have them biting their nails another scene will have them laughing out loud. What are the components of a great movie?  “I […]

Canadian Director Dawn Wilkson Explores the Shades and Psychology of Directing

Canadian director and writer Dawn Wilkson has been on the production sets of so many such as OWN’s Greenleaf and FOX’s Empire. The beginning stages of a director is a chapter that is never to be forgotten. Wilkson expresses her early decision as a director. She mentions her first experience as a production assistant and […]

Faraday Okoro to direct Prelude to a Crime From Andrew Lauren Productions

Andrew Lauren Productions (ALP) has attached Faraday Okoro to direct Prelude to a Crime, a taut legal drama set within the confines of a jury deliberation as they grapple with the confounding facts and implications of the explosive case in front of them: a police officer on trial for the shooting of an unarmed black man. […]