Interview with Industry Stuntman Nick Epper

Nick Epper recently worked as a stuntman on the set of “Den of Thieves”. Epper performed stunt doubles for Pablo Schreiber’s character Merriman. He recounts memories from working on the set and explains the tumultuous factors and qualities a stuntman needs to acquire in order succeed in the film industry. Additionally, Epper also discusses the […]

Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote On The Open House

Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote are the Directors, Writers, and Actors for the newly released Netflix film “The Open House”. The film stars “13 Reasons Why” star Dylan Minnette. Dylan plays a young male named Logan who tries to handle grief after losing a close family member. While trying to close with his lose, he […]

Den of Thieves’ Christian Gudegast

Director and Writer of “Den of Thieves” Christian Gudegast talks with ATM about the reality of being a director and writer. “Den of Thieves” is a newly released film that stars Gerard Butler, Pablo Schreiber, O’Shea Jackson Jr., and 50 Cent; Curtis Jackson. The film is a gritty crime sage that follows a superior unit […]

Writer Quinn Wilson And His New Film Company

The previous Chicagoan filmmaker Quinn Wilson talks with ATM about his new non-profit film production company What Matters Productions. Wilson’s film company’s goal is to connect with brands to fund productions and focuses on global issues that need more attention. Wilson takes us on a journey about the how, why, and what involving What Matter’s […]

Bolivian filmmaker Violeta Ayala

Bolivian filmmaker Violeta Ayala fears for her life after she exposes the truth of the Bolivian government and society. Bolivian filmmaker Violeta Ayala talks with ATM about two of her latest documentaries, “The Fight” and “Cocaine Prison.” Her first film highlights the harsh and discriminations of people with disabilities in Bolivia. Ayala follows a group […]

Interview with 24 HOURS TO LIVE Director Brian Smirz

Brian Smirz makes his directorial debut with the movie 24 HOURS TO LIVE starring multiple Oscar nominee, Ethan Hawke (Before Midnight, Boyhood) , Chinese actress Xu “Summer” Qing (Looper), Paul Anderson (The Revenant), and Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner).  Smirz cut his teeth first as a stunt man and then as a 2nd Unit Director on […]

Empire’s Rekkhan Talks About His Starring Role in the Fox Hit Show

A look into how the star landed his breakout gig.   Rekkhan got his start on Empire as an extra, and worked hard to prove his worthiness of a speaking role. Aside from acting, Rekkhan works as a music artist and producer, making him a natural fit for the Empire aesthetic. A treat for fans […]