Filmmaker Daniel Karslake on ‘For They Know Not What They Do’ & more

The recently premiered film at Tribeca, For They Know Not What They Do explores the sexual identity in relation to the judgment from Christians. This huge division in our society has become an addition to black vs. white segregation, which has been at the forefront of our country. Filmmaker Daniel Karslake takes a true look at […]

Filmmaker Danny Arroyo on his latest project ‘Socio’ + Human Behavior & Theory

ATM: What went through your mind when receiving the Director of Entertainment Partnerships & Co-Productions & The Acquisition title for the film Socio? DA: I was thrilled. I have been acting for so many years and built up a huge list of credits, but to have my writing and producing talents realized was exciting. I’ve […]

Scott Crawford Takes Us Through Music Journalism with His Documentary

During the 70s, Rock N’ Roll music was climbing the charts. This genre of music has been documented in the film Boy Howdy! The Story of Creem Magazine for its raw style of journalism. ATM: During the 70s, how was Rock N’ Roll music represented by the media? SC: It depended on what you were reading. […]

Director Jesse V. Johnson on ‘Triple Threat’

ATM: How do the character perceive pain in the fight scenes and emotionally? JJ: This is an interesting one. When making an action movie, you are aware of not creating a character who is impervious to pain. The fact that they have to show pain is important. This is what makes the action scary and […]