Director Theo Love Speaks on ‘The Legend of Cocaine Island’

ATM sits with Filmmaker/Director Theo Love about putting a light-hearted sense to the business of cocaine. He discusses his recent Netflix film, The Legend of Cocaine Island, and components when filming. The film is about a family man who goes after the American Dream in trying to chase the truth of an urban legend about cocaine […]

Inside ‘The Hummingbird Project’ with Pierre Even

Canadian Pierre Even worked as a producer on the recent film The Hummingbird Project with the writer and director Kim Nguyen. Even discusses his relationship with Nguyen and his viewpoint of the film. ATM: What does a Canadian award mean to you or the Canadian culture? PE: We have different awards in Canadian. We have […]

‘All Inclusive” with Corina Schwingruber

Corina Schwingruber’s film All Inclusive documents the people on a cruise ship and how their lives transfer into a fantasy world. She speaks on Karl Marx, class systems and fame in America and Switzerland. CS: I am expecting a baby today. ATM: Wait, you are having a baby today? CS: The date that the doctor […]

Ray Bouderau Talks Business and New Film ‘‘The Public’

ATM caught up with Ray Bouderau, Executive Producer and Actor with supporting role in the film The Public by Emilio Estevez, which premieres April 1st, 2019. Ray is the Founder and CEO of Living The Dream Films, his movie project production company, among business endeavors. He will also appear in the upcoming film Mob Town […]

Blumhouse’s Logan Marshall-Green on ‘Adopt A Highway’

In our society the people who are considered ‘losers’ are viewed as the underdog. Some who fall in this category never seen to get out of this rut. Their misfortunes follow them throughout their lives. Blumhouse’s Adopt A Highway, starring Ethan Hawke, shows a different perspective where an ex-convict decides to be a Samaritan. Director and […]

Andrew Hevia on Hong Kong Culture + his experience and New Film.

ATM: Express your feeling of culture you receive while traveling to another country and into another culture? AH: Hong Kong is so familiar as a major international metropolis. I have lived in New York. I am from Miami. The little things that you take for granted tripped me up. For example, I had been in […]