BABE – 25 Years of a Beloved Farm Tale

Twenty-five-years ago today, “Babe” was released in theaters, kicking off a hugely successful box office run which culminated in seven Oscar nominations and ignited a rapid proliferation of veganism amongst moviegoers around the globe. Impressively made, surprisingly wise and, above all, genuinely heartfelt, “Babe” remains one of the best family live-action movies to come out […]

Quibi: an Experiment in Short Attention Spans

A good question to ask any new technology or mode of expression would be whether it’s exciting and innovative, or merely different for the sake of being different. This question has been asked and answered in television and film since the mediums existed. For instance, sound in film without a doubt revolutionized movies, but adding […]

The Reel Truth: Is Film School Worth It?

To go to film school or not to go to film school? That is the question. Many people often wonder if going to film school is worth it because the truth is, you do not need a degree to get your foot in the door. With college tuition and fancy lab fees, it has people […]

INCEPTION – 10 Year Anniversary of the Mind-Bending Dream World

A decade ago, “Inception” premiered at London’s world-famous cinema Odeon Leicester Square. It was no secret that “Inception” was going to be a big money-maker, with the world-class and world-famous faces of Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Ellen Page gracing the forefront of the picture and, not to mention, it was hotshot director Christopher Nolan’s […]

30 Years Later, PARIS IS BURNING Resonates More than Ever

Pride month is inexorably different this year. This isn’t just pride month; it’s a pride month when many are struggling to find ways to celebrate, given the coronavirus and the shunning of large social gatherings; it’s the pride month when the supreme court made the landmark decision that individuals can’t be fired on the basis […]

JAWS – 45 Years of Terror at the Beach

Forty-five years ago, Steven Spielberg burst into the mainstream with his seminal shark thriller, “Jaws.” With its iconic lines (“You’re gonna need a bigger boat”) and world-famous theme by John Williams, “Jaws” has become a beloved cinematic experience among moviegoers all around the world. It has even entered the realm of academia. A glance at […]


Eighty years ago, Nazi Germany emerged victorious in the Battle of France, with the northern half of the country falling directly under Nazi control and the southern half governed by the Vichy regime, which was essentially subservient to Hitler. To mark this momentous historical event, I chose five films that best capture the complexities, the […]


The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Incorporation is well-known for its shredded athletes and the ability to entertain audiences with the art of pro wrestling. It is the largest wrestling promotion in the entire world, helmed by chairman and CEO Vince McMahon. Many stars have spent years remaining in the squared-circle as pro wrestlers, but some […]