Martin Angerbauer on ‘Ophelia’ & The Intensity of A Writer’s Muse

Austrian actor Martin Angerbauer is a farmer’s boy turned Austrian-London actor. His ginger hair is of the many great attributes about him. He opens up about his role in the recent film Ophelia. This film is a female driven view of William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. As acting deals with high expression in one’s personality, Angerbauer thinks […]

NBC’s The Village Look at Adulthood with Actor Jerod Haynes

ATM: The Village showcases adults in a different way than what we see. Adults are usually seen as perfect and having all the answers. However, on this show, this is not the case. We see adults struggle and when they do not always have the correct answers. Sometimes they are searching to find the answers. […]

Chicago Actor Andre Bellos on Past Acting New Endeavor

ATM: How can you express the competitive nature of acting when first beginning? AB: This is such a great question. I am so glad you asked. I knew acting was competitive and cutthroat. This was not from experience. This was what people had told me. They would ask what I wanted to be when older. […]

Actress Susan Ziegler on ‘Wild Nights with Emily’ and Love

ATM: How do you believe love is expressed through poetry vs verbally. SZ: This is interesting. It is more thought out because it must be put down on paper and looked at. It is more of a work of art. A work of art that is not a moment like a theatre. It is more […]

Interview with Actor Joe Minoso of NBC’s ‘Chicago Fire’

ATM: How does Chicago Fire manipulate the typical stereotype for masculinity? When the male characters are confronted with sensitive topics, how does this show the softness of their masculinity? JM: I have never heard a question like this. It is very nuanced. First, if you have ever spent any amount of time with firefighters, then […]