Twin Actors Take on A Simple Favor

Mystery lies in the lifestyle of Emily (Blake Lively). Curiosity is what drives Stephanie (Anna Kendrick). Both mothers live different lives but might share a common thing called secrets. One might have more. Twin actors Lauren and Nicole Peters discuss their involvement and lessons learned from the film. ATM: What are the themes in this movie […]

Nickelodeon Star Nicole Alyse Nelson

Ever had to adapt to a new environment? Nicole Alyse Nelson portrays Dayton on Nickelodeon’s I am Frankie. Dayton is Frankie’s best friend who teaches her how to maneuver through life as a nonhuman. Nelson shares more about her role and internal passion for science fiction. ATM: How does your character deal with a friend […]

Carrie Schroeder in I Am Frankie

There are few mentions of females in the tech world. Sometimes television provides women with these roles. Carrie Schroeder plays Dr. Sigourney Gaines also called Dr. Mom on Nickelodeon’s I am Frankie. Schroeder shares how her character balances motherhood, a marriage, and working as a scientist. ATM: How can you emphathize with your character on the show? […]

In the Cut with Actor Dorien Wilson

You all know him from the scream of Monique for Professor Olgevee, better known as Dorien Wilson. Currently, Dorien Wilson is in his fourth season of starring in Bounce TV’s In the Cut. The show is about the rebuilding of a father-son relationship where the family structure has its negative connotation in society. Wilson speaks with ATM […]

Rick Gonzalez of The CW Show Arrow

A father losing his daughter can take a toll on him as a person. Fatherhood is a very important role in life. Rick Gonzalez plays Rene Ramirez aka Wild Dog on the CW show Arrow. Gonzalez shares with ATM his love for comics and gives insight about the show on how vigilantes transform society in the midst of good […]

HBO’s Random Acts of Flyness and Its Controversy

Binary and gender issues are at the top of commentary in America. Some might feel there is a lack of support while others feel there is support. HBO’s Random Acts of Flyness is a television series that tackles all world issues in various segments. Kishori Rajan is one of the brains behind the show and […]

Back to the 70s With James Crump

Antonio Lopez dominated the fashion and beauty world during the 1970s. James Crump was only a little boy but still remembers Lopez’s huge contribution. This was an era that we will never get back. Crump creates the documentary Antonio Lopez 1970: Sex Fashion & Disco to take his viewers back to this era. Lopez’s extreme sex appeal […]

Sabrina Gennarino Tells Her Truths

Murder and rape are legal for 12 hours once a year. Anything is bound to happen. The Walking Dead’s Sabrina Gennarino recently joined the Purge TV series cast. Gennarino sees herself talking on the actions of her character on this show instead of The Walking Dead. We see people are standing up for what is right […]

Luther Campbell: Warrior of Liberty City

Football is the heart of this Miami town and it helps save its youth. The legendary Luther Campbell founded the youth football team, Warriors of Liberty City, 29 years ago and many NFL players have trained under him in this program. Now a television show, Campbell gives us insight into the seriousness of the violence […]

HBO’s Ballers Carl McDowell

HBO’s Ballers is a hit show that takes its viewers into the reality of NFL players. This show stars John David Washington, Dwayne Johnson, and Rob Corddry. McDowell comes in with prior production experience with Football as the theme in Gridiron Gang, The Longest Yard, and now on the series Ballers. McDowell has a long […]