Steve Howey: A Shameless Point Of View

Race is a not a prominent factor on Showtime’s Shameless. It is rarely pointed out on the show in a negative way. Black Americans are usually seen living in poverty in film and television. This season the show flips the view of the white community by following a white family living on the South Side of […]

Marion Blount

Actor Marion Blount recently starred in BET’s The Bobby Brown Story. Blount sits down with ATM to speak on his experience in the entertainment industry and the views and truths of male egos in Hollywood. ATM: So, you played BeBe Winans in The Bobby Brown Story. MB: Yes. I was the pastor who married both […]

Adam Stephenson, Purge TV

There is little to no discussion about how the Purge franchise and now show affects gender roles. Men have a certain approach to killing. Whereas, women have a different way to kill. Adam Stephenson plays Mark Cantoff on the television series and talks with ATM about the psychology and emotional affects this show has on […]

El Chicano: The First Mexican American Superhero Film

She is the first Latina of her generation to be on syndication television and a favorite on Showtime’s Dexter and ABC’s George Lopez television sitcom. Aimee Garcia is now a part of the first Mexican-American superhero film El Chicano. This film also stars George Lopez, and Raul Castillo (Seven Seconds).   ATM: How does this film […]

Darnell Rhea: The Bobby Brown Story

Remember the character that portrayed Bobby Brown’s sister crying about her finance at the hospital? Darnell Rhea portrayed this character as Carolyn “Coop” Brown. She embodied the emotions and the visual aspect of this character by focusing on learning the relationships between the family. By doing so, she spent a lot of time talking to Bobby’s […]

Erin Carufel Talks Doctor Role

Having a great interaction with your patients is not always easy. Peppermint cast member Erin Carufel explains how she prepared for the doctor role. The film stars Jennifer Garner (Riley North) and focuses on empowering women. Carufel also expresses more about what it means to jump through different roles as a profession. ATM: Explain the […]

Matthew Knowles on Racial Climate in America

Matthew Knowles has a long history and career in the music business. He continues to inspire people through music literature. In the recent years, the music mogul has moved toward writing books about black music history. Knowles’ sophomore book Racism from Eyes of the Child talked about his family history and how he grew up […]

Purge TV

What if killing was legal for one night in America? The Purge has been a huge franchise for over the last few years. It started as a film and has now become a television series. Allison King plays Eileen who is one of the individuals that indulges in the Purge tonight. ATM: What do you feel […]

OWN’s Greenleaf Costume Designer Sharod Woods

The appearance of a character played in a film or any television show is a huge importance to the project. Theses looks must be perfected and sized the correctly. In this industry, it is referred to as costume design. Costume designers control every stitch and thread that goes into a piece of clothing. Their work […]

Katherine Bailess on BET’s Hit the Floor

Women are shown as strong and competitive against each other. Dancing is their passion and to be a Devil Girl is at stake for everyone on this show. BET’s Hit the Floor is currently in their fourth season and continues to intrigue fans. Katherine Bailess plays Kyle Hart who is ambitious but also shows her […]