OWN’s Greenleaf Costume Designer Sharod Woods

The appearance of a character played in a film or any television show is a huge importance to the project. Theses looks must be perfected and sized the correctly. In this industry, it is referred to as costume design. Costume designers control every stitch and thread that goes into a piece of clothing. Their work […]

Katherine Bailess on BET’s Hit the Floor

Women are shown as strong and competitive against each other. Dancing is their passion and to be a Devil Girl is at stake for everyone on this show. BET’s Hit the Floor is currently in their fourth season and continues to intrigue fans. Katherine Bailess plays Kyle Hart who is ambitious but also shows her […]

Love Means No Zero and Lisa Pamintuan

America’s youngest college president was one of the first to attend Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy. She was among the first group to train with him. The film Love Means Zero depicted and overshadowed a lot of values in the academy in a different light. Lisa Pamintuan opens up about the academy and talks about her passion […]

Music Supervisor Jabari Ali Talks Music

You have sat and witnessed this musically genius’ ideas in some of America’s top films. He was behind the music for Training Day, Brooklyn Finest, Waist Deep, Gun Hill, and many others. Jabari Ali is a trailblazer as a music supervisor. His most recent work, The Equalizer 2, included popular music artists Migos, Tee Grizzley, and more. […]

The dynamic duo behind Atlanta’s Film Scene

Atlanta Film Consultants has a clientele list that stretches from low to high in the entertainment industry. Aside from Brynn Duvall and Jeff Fisher running a full service film consulting company, they have prior experience in the industry. As a young girl, Brynn played in several independent feature films and had bookings with national commercial […]

HGTV’s Genevieve Gorder Takes on a New Netflix Series

Genevieve Gorder has a very significant long history as an interior designer. Her latest venture is with Netflix’s Stay Here. She co-stars in this new series with real estate expert Peter Lorimer. He is the business behind the show and Gorder is the designer. She mentions the foundation and where her passion for interior designing […]

Chase Pollock Getting His Foot Into Hollywood

Pollock dives into the character of director Ryan Allsop’s uncle Lester Liptak in the new short film Mount Liptak. This young actor is on the road for new and surprising things in entertainment. He also has other projects on the way that leads up to Summer 2019. ATM: Did you have prior knowledge or interest […]

Michele Weaver, Love Is___

Love is not seen realistically through the eyes of black women. There happens to be a show that expresses how women of color should love. Creator Mara Brock Akil takes her personal relationship later turned into marriage to television. Each Tuesday we are invited into her early career and relationship during the 90s. Michele Weaver […]

Gerard Flores Focuses on Men Discrimination Onscreen

Have you ever wondered why there are not many all male cast television shows? There is always one male lead in the industry. What would a show like look with four? Just Living is a show on Amazon that debunks these tropes. Gerard Flores stops to talk about stereotypes with gender and how men should be loved on television. […]

Erika Respress, Trade Show Manager Talks Hair Inside Entertainment

The Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show Mid-Summer is a show not to miss. Trade Show Manager Erika Respress is a powerful woman behind the magic that occurs here. Respress respects God, her family, and business. She is a perfect example of showing an individual how to start from the bottom and work themselves to the […]