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Review: ‘Patrick’

February 14, 2019

The film Patrick written and directed by Mandi Fletcher. You will be surprised by the events that take place. The position of the main character gets shared with a dog named Patrick and a lost female who gets played by Jennifer Saunders. The element of love gets tested in the beginning. We see love transpire in a different way instead of having another human to fulfill this void. At this point, there are no sides to take in the film, but toward the middle of the film, you are rooting for Sarah’s character.

Sarah character’s life gets turned upside down, and we see a different side. Sarah and the dog show you the essence of life can serve in unique ways. You do not have to find happiness in just an individual, but you can also see it in a dog. A dog serves as a pathway to connect a person to the fun moments in life. They will accept you when no one else will and never give up on you. A person’s best friend is a dog and also the other way around. If you do not have a dog, then this film makes you wonder how a dog can influence your life.

Patrick teaches Sarah to have a sense of responsibility in her life. During the beginning, she is a recent law school dropout who does not have a handle on life. The one thing that fulfills her is teaching, listening, and helping. These are the skills she takes with her in the classroom while working as a teacher. Sarah becomes ore tenacious, driven, and fearless with her personality. This all what she learned from the dog. A connection between a human and a dog is compelling. The energy that transpires allows individual to refocus and redirect their choices. Is the answer to solving your problem is to get a dog? Patrick puts this question into focus and makes you wonder what the answer could be all the way through.

Patrick now in theaters.

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