Nineteen horror films filmed in and around Richmond, ‘Virginia Is Just 48 Hours’ will screen at the Byrd Theater on October 20th

Films to be screened:

Group A Screenings – Sunday, October 20 at 1:30 p.m.

It Comes at Night – CineVentures, Chris Smorto – Kate’s B&B guests may never check out!

Anna Perkins – Goodnight Gracie… Forever, Jerry Morgan – A demon released by a centuries-old Puritan cult returns, hungry for sacrifice.

Cleanse – The Mad HaTTers, Brendan Riley – A group of friends find themselves in a precarious series of events after a prank gone wrong.

Day Witches – Grace Period, Will Barker – Problems arise when a makeshift coven attempts a summoning ritual.

Gone, Not Forgotten – Red Hills Productions, Sylvanna Bocook – An unexpected force prevents Laura from moving on after the loss of loved ones.

Redlining – Moon Day Productions, Brian Dismore – A young couple relocating to an upscale neighborhood faces discrimination from an aggressive real estate team.

The Layover – Ajnag Productions, Shanisse Palmer – A pregnant woman carries a demon baby who ultimately tries to bring hell onto Earth.

Ursa – Fish-Sticks & Coleslaw, Jakob Hirsch – A young woman with special abilities, trapped in isolation by her father, must gain the means and courage to escape her captor.

Who’s Your Daddy – Atlantic East Motion Picture Company, Stacey Frame – Bringing a whole new psychotic twist to family fun.

The Frightful Pursuit of the Blackwood Beast – This is a Film About Something Productions, Sam Housman – Legend says the Blackwood Beast lurks in the darkness. Four friends, barricaded in an abandoned building, are about to find out if that’s true.

Yield – PBJ Productions, Brian Pow – A scientist experimenting with multi verse travel, yields unexpected results.

Group B Screenings – Sunday, October 20 at 4 p.m.

Red Handed – Team Flash Frame, Ryan Farriss – Two suspicious roommates find out more than wanted to know about each other.

@rodchicod – BC (Mostly), Malcolm Richardson – A ballroom dancer ignores a cryptic message to dire consequences.

Coil – Pine Street Studio, Angie Gan – Two lovebirds go on a date with an unexpected end!

Fine Wine – In My Mind Media, Janae Thompson – Suffering from the pain caused from splitting from her husband, Cha Cha finds a solution to her problem…the best way she knows how.

Harper and David – The Berberich Brothers, James Berberich – A young woman and her emotionally stunned brother try to navigate the world together.

Hillybilly Science and the Death of Cha Cha Rodriguez – Eyesore Films, Robert Elkins – A monster created by science hunts a small group in the backwoods.

The Bad Beat – DarkCloud Pictures, Haden VonCanon – When a man attempts to help a young woman with her metal cult, things go wrong.

The Collector’s Chest – NeVeRSeen Media, T. J. Neveldine – A young couple procures a mysterious chest, but there’s more to it than meets the eye!

Immediately following each group screening, there will be a filmmaker Q&A to allow audience members a chance to ask burning questions of the filmmakers and get a first hand account of what it was like making a movie in just 48 hours! Audience members will also have a chance to vote for their favorite films to try to win them an Audience Choice Award!

Tickets are on sale now at .A screening of the Top Ten films according to the jury will take place on Sunday, October 27 followed by an awards presentation in multiple categories, including Best Film! It’s never too early to get your tickets!

Support local, independent filmmakers to put you in the Halloween spirit!