Are You Ready For A Three-Headed Monster This Independence Day Weekend?

Universal is heading into Independence Day weekend looking strong after last week’s $70 million debut for F9. This week, they will be supplementing their box office by opening two more sequels to successful franchises in The Forever Purge and The Boss Baby: Family Business, making it a rare two week period where the studio opened three movies.

The Forever Purge is the fifth installment in the successful ‘Purge’ franchise. The last movie, The First Purge, was the highest-grossing of the franchise. It took in $137 million, albeit with 50.7% of its total gross coming from outside of the US, which was also the second-lowest domestic gross in the franchise. We’ll see how audiences respond to the supposed final entry in the franchise.

The Boss Baby was a hit for families in 2017, raking in $527,965,936 at the worldwide box office. It’s unlikely that the sequel will replicate the $50 million US opening that the original had, but it provides a nice alternative for families that aren’t going to take their children to see Vin Diesel catch people with cars or the final ‘Purge’ movie. It will also be available to paid subscribers on Peacock.

To crash this weekend’s Universal party, A24 is also giving Zola, the film based on the 148-tweet Twitter thread from 2015, a wide release in a reported 1,400 theaters beginning June 30th. A small movie like Zola likely won’t make a huge dent in the box office, but is another alternative for moviegoers that are into the independent film scene.

Questlove’s documentary on 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival, Summer of Soul (…Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised), is opening in a limited capacity this weekend to go along with its release on Hulu.

This Independence Day weekend will give moviegoers good variety should they choose to visit their local theaters, a nice change from the situation a year ago around this time. Whether you go and support one of three Universal movies, or one of the smaller movies like Zola, it’s great to finally be able to say that the movies are officially back.