Brian Loschiavo’s BLUEBIRD making its Premiere at SXSW

Brian Loschiavo took it upon himself to dive into the passion vibe that lives at the Bluebird Café in Nashville, Tennessee. This café has become the landmark for many musical geniuses and has launched many careers. Loschiavo takes us through the two original elements they all share coming through Bluebird.

ATM: How are the true traits of perseverance and hope play in the musical artists that perform in at the Bluebird Café?

BL: Perseverance and hope are very much at the center not only the Bluebird but also what this film is about. For us, in the priority of how we told this story, there were a lot of angles we could have gone in to make this documentary. This seemed to be a common threat. All of these songwriters and artists came up through the Bluebird Café. This café was there to nourish, encourage, and give them hope. This is very much why it has remained the way it has. It has had opportunities to sell out and to support the songwriters. It creates an environment of hope and encourages perseverance. This is the lifeblood of this café and what it means to all of these artists. This is why they come back to play here.

ATM: How do you believe someone with these two traits will view this film versus someone who do not have these traits?

BL: If you are an aspiring singer/songwriter, then the ‘hope’ is a given. It is the ‘perseverance’ that separates those that can have success and longevity vs. those who are dreamers and will not put anything in the world. In terms of how they would view the movie differently, I would hope the ones who do not have the perseverance and hope would have it after viewing the movie. Those that have it would see a reflection of what they went through. It would encourage them more and also if they have not reached this level of success.

ATM: In any way in this film, do you see a reflection of yourself?

BL: I am a songwriter myself. My two passions are film-making and songwriting. When the head of the Bluebird Café approached me with this project, it was a dream come true. This was the perfect combination of my two dreams. For me, it was a envision of my preserve and hope as you said before to not only make my first feature but to do it with music. And to also do it about a place that supports songwriters and encourages songwriting. It has encouraged me to write more music and to pursue this line of passion.

ATM: Break down in four stages the pathways to gaining perseverance at its highest level.

BL: Break it down in four stages? Hmm, good question. One, you have to have a clear vision of what you want and a goal you are trying to achieve. Two, you have to be open to this goal changing. As it relates to the music business, these singers and songwriters that come up through the Bluebird, you might go into it thinking you want to be a recording artist and you want to be the next Taylor Swift.
You might find opportunities down the road that make you want to be a songwriter. You are better not being on stage, but you are better sitting in the room and writing with other people. Maybe you are better in the music business. If you are choosing to lose focus and you are not open to the opportunity, then sometimes you can miss opportunities. Three, it is absolutely the hard work. You cannot be complacent. You cannot think these opportunities are going to be handed to you. If you get rejected, then you have to power through and persevere. You have to continue to work harder. Fourth, to continue supporting others as to reach success as you find different layers of success.  You may think you reached the next step, but then there are the realms on the ladder above this. It is important not to discontinue looking forward but look around and help others with what you have gone through. This is the big part of the movie., the mentor-ship and the community.

ATM: Within the four stages you just named, which one seemed to be the most challenging one in the film?

BL: Wait, I have to remember all the stages. The biggest challenge for us was trying to decide which stories to tell. There are so many, and the Bluebird has touch so many lives. It has been difficult to pick which ones tell the best for a 90 minute film when there are thousands of stories to be told. It was choosing which stories to best illustrate these steps in the film. And also telling what the Bluebird is and their history.

ATM: So, it would be the clear vision stage that you named. You said a person must have a clear vision because they do not know where anything will go.

BL: You know what you are exactly right. This is it. I would say it is very much how someone thinks they have a goal. They have to be open to new paths. We started with an outline and thought we knew which stories to tell. But as we interviewed more people and performances, we saw different opportunities. We had to be open to these new story lines.

ATM: The actual Bluebird is a symbol for joy and happiness. So, would you agree this is the fifth stage of perseverance?

BL: Yes. Absolutely all of the four stages are working to one goal of joy and happiness. With creative people, songwriters and singers, the joy and happiness are being able to share these elements with other people. The Bluebird provides a safe place to share with your colleagues in the music business.