The Batman franchise has made quit the name for itself ever since the release of The Dark Night in 2008. With Ben Affleck no longer reprising his role as Batman, D.C has decided to completely rebrand the Batman universe. Meaning a new cast, new look, and a completely new storyline. The Batman will arrive in theaters in 2021 and there is already so much that we know about the highly anticipated film.


              Batman: Robert Pattinson

                     Catwoman: Zoë Kravitz

                     Riddler: Paul Dano

                     James Gordon: Jeffrey Wright

                     Penguin: Colin Farrell

                     Alfred Pennyworth: Andy Serkis

                     District Attorney Gil Colson: Peter Sarsgaard

                     Carmine Falcone: John Turturro

                     Bella Real: Jayme Lawson

                     Director: Matt Reeves

It is no surprise that Twilight breakout star Robert Pattinson will be the new face of the franchise. However, this came to much shock for the film industry. Pattinson is known for staring in a plethora of independent films over the years and has found much acclaim through his work. The Batman will be his first big blockbuster since the twilight saga.

Zoë Kravitz will join her stepfather Jason Momoa in the D.C universe as she takes on the role of Catwoman. Kravitz beat out many notable actresses for the role. At one-point Janel Monet, and Ella Balinska were in consideration. Previous actresses who have played the part of Catwoman are Ann Hathaway in the Christopher Nolan reimagining, Halle Berry in the Catwoman standalone, and the iconic Michelle Pfeiffer in the original Batman.

With Colin Farrell and Paul Dano taking on major antagonist in the film, we see the Riddler and Penguin being brought back to the big screen. Jim Carey is known for playing the original Riddler with Danny DeVito playing the Penguin. Many of these roles were made iconic by their actors in the late 1990’s holding the film up to high expectations.

Recent Julliard Graduate Jayme Lawson has also been added to the cast and critics are very excited to see the newcomer on the big screen

The Story:

Based on the cast we can already see that the Riddler and Penguin will be major antagonists that drive the plot for the film. The joker will not be present which in my opinion can only help, given how beloved the previous two jokers are. Reeves has stated that The Batman will be “investigating a particular case that takes us out into the world of Gotham.” This will hopefully give the audience a deeper glimpse into Batman’s comic book origins of being “the world’s best detective.”

Release Date:

The expected release date will be late January of 2021. This can easily be pushed back due to the number of films being pushed by the studio at that specific time, however, The Batman should be at the forefront