New TV Show is Now Casting Speaking Roles in Atlanta, Georgia.

New TV show filming in Atlanta, Georgia is now casting a ton of speaking roles. CL Casting is looking for a wide range of comedic actors with improvisation training. Casting directors are looking for actors to play a principal, police officer, and other key roles in the TV series.

Here’s a breakdown of the roles:


To audition for a role on the upcoming TV show, check out the casting call details below:

TV Show Casting Call

PLEASE NOTE: This is a comedy, so comedic timing is a huge plus for this one! If you have any improvisation training that isn’t on your resume, please list it in your email submission.

[SCHOOL PRINCIPAL] Male. 40+. African American. Should have a smart, business look but have great comedic timing.

Female. 40+. African American. Should have a business look and a laid-back demeanor. Must be able to go from serious to joking very quickly.

Male. 40+. Caucasian. Should be tall and fit with a very charming personality. Bald or balding preferred. If you have real-life experience in law enforcement, please include that in your submission. You will also be needed to do some voice over work.

Male. 18-30. All ethnicities. Must be someone who uses a wheelchair on a consistant basis in real life. Robby is kind of nerdy sweet but trying to become “hip”.

[CLASS GIRLS #1 and #2]
Female. 18-25. Mixed, Asian or Hispanic. Sexy and attractive and they know it too! They are trying to teach men how to properly hit on beautiful women.

Female. 18-25. Caucasian. Hipster-Cutie Type.

Female. 18-25. All ethnicities. Must be 5’4″ or shorter. This girl is beautiful, friendly and genuine. She’s the kind you would want to take home to mama!

Male. 18-35. Caucasian. Extremely over the top diva-like persona. Ridiculous styles of hair, wardrobe and bling. Cocky. Craves attention.


Please send your headshot and resume to

Make sure included somewhere in your submission is your name, height, weight, and current phone number. The subject name of your email should be the title of the character you are submitting for.

In-person auditions will be held this Monday, February 22nd in Atlanta. We will also accept self-taped submissions through Tuesday, February 23rd at midnight.

Must be at least 18 years of age to be considered. Sorry, no minors at this time.
You must submit your headshot along with your acting resume to be considered.

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