Twin Actors Take on A Simple Favor

Mystery lies in the lifestyle of Emily (Blake Lively). Curiosity is what drives Stephanie (Anna Kendrick). Both mothers live different lives but might share a common thing called secrets. One might have more. Twin actors Lauren and Nicole Peters discuss their involvement and lessons learned from the film.

ATM: What are the themes in this movie that can help you in life?

Lauren: There are various themes in this move that teaches you great things about life. One, you cannot judge a book by its cover. Blake Lively’s character comes off as this beautiful woman with a perfect life. Her life is quite the opposite. You cannot always escape your past. Emily’s past is a lot of why she does what she does. Stephanie seems like a very conservative character. You should trust your instinct. Anna Kendrick’s character Stephanie had an instinct that something was wrong the minute Emily goes missing. None of the other characters thought it was nothing of the ordinary. Trust your intuition.

Nicole: She might have stolen some of mine. You should be careful what you do with stuff. The past sometimes predicts the future.

ATM: What does this film express about motherhood?

Nicole: There are many different ways of mothering styles for sure. There are contrasts between Blake and Anna’s character. They are completely different mothers. They both love their children. Emily does things that are questionable. Her son is the first priority.

Lauren: You can be more than just a mother. They both adore their children. Emily is this huge PR person. She has a really cool job. Stephanie is a mommy vlogger and leads this mission to find Emily. This film shows you can do other things besides be a mother.

ATM: Explain some similarities between you and these two characters.

Lauren: Mine is not really a personality trait. Emily’s character is in fashion. Blake’s character always dresses to the nines and is really into fashion and I am also really into fashion. I relate to Emily’s character in this way.

Nicole: Both characters are super determined to accomplish what they want in the movie. I am very determined to things as well. I set my mind to do things and go after it. I put a 100% into it. I want to achieve all of my goals. I would stick with determination.

Lauren: I agree with this as well.

ATM: How do you all distinguish your acting performance? How you allow people to not see yall as one but instead as two separate actors? How do you allow them to see your strengths as two different things?

Lauren: Nicole and I are very similar. We look very identical and have many similarities in a lot of other aspects. Our acting coaches have said in the past that there are a lot of distinguishing things about the way we act. We both have our different niches. In this film, my role is more of the rebellious and alpha person. I use the rebellious role a bit more than Nicole. This works perfectly. Her role in this movie is rebellious but is a little of a lighter character.

Nicole: This is definitely a good question. We love acting together. It is a lot of fun. We push each other even more to do better. We are both super strong when not together. This is a great dynamic. When apart we brainstorm different aspects. We zone in on our acting. We make different choices for roles. Some people relate more to one of our choices. No, that one is bad, but one was good for that sort of project.

ATM: How would you distinguish Toronto’s film scene to the United States?

Nicole: This is hard. We have done most of our acting in Toronto. They both are awesome. The main difference is more things are shooting in the United States. We have gotten the Hollywood experience and can still do it from Toronto. We are both eager to head down LA to give it a try within a year or so.

Lauren: They definitely have different projects. A lot of American films are shooting in Toronto. We are really getting a chance to work on them. Our position in Toronto is good. We are getting experience in both industries.


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