Gotham’s Brette Taylor on Her Role & Life

ATM: What guidance did Bruce learn from his parents?

MC: They are both good and honest people. They work hard. His quest, in a nutshell, is for truth, justice, and closure. This was very traumatic for a young child to witness. Can you imagine? I cannot imagine this nor would I want to experience this. This is where the whole story opens up.

ATM: How do the death of his parents change his viewpoint on life and what to expect?

MC: The struggle is trying to remain a child and have this experience. I think this is stifling because there is a lack of trust in people now. Not only does he embark on meeting crazy characters in this series, but he has to embark on these demons themselves. This is including the deaths of his parents and witnessing this. This flashes in his head constantly. How does one get rid of this? We do not know. It is taking it a day at a time. He has a lot of help. He has a lot of mentors in this show. He has a lot of characters that help guide him. This is mainly James Gordon played by Ben McKenzie who is his right-hand man. Alfred Pennyworth, who is the butler, has become his father in a way. He is more of a father figure and Ben McKenzie is more of a brother and a cop. He helps Bruce try to find the killer and get justice for the murder.

ATM: What do you believe the boy who Bruce was when his parents were killed would say to who he has become now?

MC: It is to fight for the truth. In fighting for the truth, we must be truthful ourselves. There is restitution in this. It is an automatic strengthening experience for a young child having to go autopilot of being a man very young. This is probably not the best way to grow up. James and Alfred were his help. There was also a Shaman involved who foresaw somethings and guided Bruce in this way.  

ATM: If one parent would have died, then how would this change the premise of the story?

MC: I do not think this fight would be there. This quest would not be there. Whether something in his happened, I do not know. This was the primary trigger. So, this is why the story became the story. He wanted to really catch this person. Throughout the series, he never forgets. He keeps getting powerful and with also the visual of his parent’s death remains powerful. As he changes, this changes. This makes him want to find the killer more. Then all these other characters come into his life to challenge him. I love this show. It is such a dream-like opportunity for growth within the imagination. From the time I could remember, I was always a superhero frantic. It is one of the most relaxed roles playing the mother of this DC Comic character. It is good to say you have it under your belt.  

ATM: Describe your character as a woman and then as a mother.

MC: Martha Wayne was very strong. I even think she was stronger than the husband. She was super humbled and very super. She wanted the absolute best for a son and adored him. We get roles like this where there is not much backstory information and we have to make up our own. This is a choice. I choose to do this. She was !00% present in this life. She was not naive or overly lenient. She knew his potential at a young age, and she wanted him to see this. I know this is a spiritual and ghostly statement. I feel they would a part of his evolution. They stayed so strong. You see this in flashbacks. We come back in flashbacks in different ways and forms. There are two reminders. I must continue to seek justice but wait I cannot forget how amazing my parents are.

ATM: The flashbacks are representing them still being with him. When people pass on or die never leave you. They leave you in a sense with the world, but they never stop guiding you throughout your life.

MC: Right they never leave, but we have to stay alert for the messages. I think he did. He is very alert, open, and conscience to receiving this. We know what the real story is. It is almost like he has a very powerful six sense. Like super and extra intuitive to the other world.  

ATM: Where else do you see a sense spiritually?

MC: A lot of our messages come from, through people, places, and things we do not even expect. I know things have happened when least expecting them. It is a good lesson for me. It reminds me to stay open to what is around me more. The things people say. The things that come to me and might seem small, but do not take them for granted. This has happened to me many times. We have a vision for ourselves like goals and dreams. Sometimes people lose track because they feel these things are not happening the way they want them to. They are missing out on the small gifts and messages from people. I believe the universe speaks through people and higher power. It depends on your preference. There are many opportunities we miss. He was not a normal child. When someone has gone through this kind of trauma but is open to the other world, it was a constant battle. He never had a normal childhood.

ATM: As a society, we tend to focus on the bigger points and outcomes or successes. This is more than the smaller or finer things in life. When you learn or accept the smaller things, then this compliments the larger things.

MC: Yes. I feel like if you are not grateful for what you have then you are blocking off the opportunity for other things to come to you that you want. This is a mistake we all make which is to take things for granted. “This is not the way I see it, or I dreamed it.” We are not perfect, but I try to do it to the best of my ability. I try to be grateful and appreciative of the smaller things. A very dear friend and mentor said to me, “Be very careful what you wish for because you might limit yourself.” I was like wow. This is profound.

ATM: So, basically what could happen in your life can get under shadow. This is because when you are wishing for something your mind is considering the things that surround you currently. It is not considering future events or how the current events can enhance themselves. So, when you wish, you are holding yourself back.

MC: Actually. We have fantasies and pictures of the way we want our life to look and the things we want to do. This could be with career, love, and family. It is great to picture it because it gives you something to strive for. Also, be open to letting go of the linear and be open to even better. A part of being open to something bigger and better is starting with the smaller things and the gratitude for what you have. The smaller things which are the things to be grateful for are the bigger things and we do not even know it. We walk right by it.

ATM: And you do not know this until you lose it.

MC: Exactly. Everybody is kicking themselves all the time. Why didn’t I say I love you? Why didn’t I say thank you? Why didn’t I hold this door? Why didn’t I reach out to someone and do something and not expect something in return? These things try to do. Not because I want something from it or an award. It just makes me feel good and a better person.

ATM:  Or Why didn’t I pick up the phone? Why didn’t I say hi? Why didn’t I go down that street?

MC: Exactly.

ATM: These things have a prime effect on your path of life. There are two streets. You go down 35th Avenue. When going down this avenue your life switches to this direction. If you decide not to go down this avenue, and you go down 37th Street, then your life goes in this path. So, whatever would have molded or come together when going down 37th Street you would never know.

MC: This is the thing. I could walk down 35th Avenue. I could get hit by a car. I could become paralyzed. I beat myself up year after year. I say I should’ve never gone down this block because I never do. I should have gone down 34th. How do I know what would have happened down 34th this day? I do not know. It could have been worst.

ATM: This is life.

MC: We second guess ourselves all the time. This is human nature. We are very limited. I do not mean this in a negative way. We are spiritual beings walking around in a human case. We just make choices. Sometimes we do not think about them or no why we are making them.

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