Solstice Studios Releases First Look of Russell Crow in “Unhinged”

Solstice Studios have released the first look image of Russell Crow in Unhinged. Academy Award Winner Crow plays a violent psychopath in this film about road rage.  Caren Pistorius co-stars as a mother who blows her horn at the wrong man (Crow) at the wrong time.  He retaliates by terrifying her, her family and everyone she knows.  Production just wrapped in New Orleans.

“The mark of a great film is one that both entertains and sparks conversation,” said Director Derrick Borte. “I believe, in a very terrifying way, Unhinged does exactly that.”

Unhinged is the first film for Solstice Studios since it launched in October. Solstice Studios is located in L.A., California. It finances, produces, sells and distributes U.S. based films to a wide audience.  Headed by President and CEO Mark Gil, Solstice plans to produce 3 – 5 films a year with a budget of $20 – $80 million each film. It also plans to finance or acquire an additional 3 – 5 movie per year for U.S. distribution.

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