Armory Films And Motor Content Launch Script2Comic Contest

Production companies Motor Content (“Knightfall, The Founder) and Armory Films (Mudbound, The Peanut Butter Falcon) announced today their newly minted Script2Comic contest, in association with Scout Comics, CGC Certified Guaranty Company and Comic Impressions. This inaugural contest will offer the Grand Prize Winner the chance to see their screenplay, teleplay, short story, or comic script come to life as a comic book series or graphic novel. The final product will not only be published and in stores nationwide, but it will also be optioned for development into a film or television series and produced by Armory and Motor.

The prize winners will receive special CGC Award Trophy slabs with Gold, Silver, Bronze and White labels, depending on placement. These top prize winners will also receive a slabbed and CGC graded copy of their published comic.

The winning comic series will be printed by Comic Impressions and published by Scout Comics, the company behind hit series such as Stabbity Bunny, White Ash, The Mall, Wretches, Long Lost and Henchgirl, many of which have been optioned for television. 

Judges lined up for the contest so far include Elgin James, showrunner of Mayans MC; Josh McLaughlin, former President of Focus Features; Trevor Engelson, EP of “Snowfall” on FX; longtime CAA agent Jon Levin who is now head of film & TV at Fourward; Adhrucia Apana, EP of Tom Hardy starrer Capone; Pop Mhan, comic artist of Flash, Aquaman, and Shazam; and Lauren Vilchik, Producer of the horror franchise Cabin Fever.  Additional judges, sponsors and prizes are expected to be added in the coming months.

“Most screenplays are read by a handful of people, then put on a shelf and never seen again. Comics can be discovered and enjoyed by an audience for years, decades and even centuries to come. There is no better medium for a creator to see their vision come to life, as evidenced by great stories like Road to Perdition, Watchmen, The Mask, From Hell and Oldboy, which all originated in comic form,” said Don Handfield from Motor Content, who recently saw his first comic series The Rift produced by Steven Spielberg as the season finale to the Apple+ reboot of “Amazing Stories.”

“Some of the most notable film and TV shows of our time started out as comic books; everything from Snow Piercer to Superman to Black Panther and Blade. We sponsored this contest to find the next great story and foster the unique voice behind it,” said Christopher Lemole and Tim Zajaros of Armory Films, in a joint statement.

Armory and Motor are already collaborating on two other comic properties: The Dark Age, a successful comic series penned by Handfield that launched in 2019, and the upcoming historical fiction graphic novel Palindrome penned by Barbara Marshall & Alex Thompson with art by English illustrator David Hopkins.

The contest is open for entries now and extends through October 15th with Quarter-Finalists announced October 30th, Semi-Finalists announced on November 5th, and Finalists & Winners announced on December 5th, 2020. For more information or to enter the contest, please visit: