Atlanta’s Film Industry to Begin Production After Quarantine – New Jobs and New Movies

Since the beginning of quarantine, the film world has come to a standstill. Many of Atlanta’s biggest jobs have been forced to close their doors for the last couple of months, forcing many out of work. However, that is all about to change because Brain Kemp, Governor of Georgia, has decided to let filming resume and restore around 40,000 jobs in Atlanta. Over 75 productions have begun filming and many are looking for employees to help. Eric from AH 100 Entertainment told At the Movies Online that they, and many other production sites, will have to follow new rules to ensure the safety of their crew. All crew members will be wearing masks, actors will wear them until they are on camera, and hand sanitizer will be accessible to everyone. There will be a limited amount people allowed on set at a time and everyone will have to have their temperature checked. Many production sites are having video submissions and zoom auditions to practice social distancing and keep everyone as safe as possible. Eric explains a lot of these changes can be good and bad. Unfortunately, actors and crew will not be able to mingle and get to know each other as much as they were used too, but he is hopeful that this will change production sets into being a cleaner setting and change how people will audition for roles from now on. With these changes considered, there are some new jobs that are popping up in Atlanta right now.

There are many companies looking for videographers & photographers to help with their commercial advertising. Companies like Icebox Diamonds and Watches, Lyfe Marketing, and Next Door Photos are all companies based in Atlanta and are good filming jobs for people wanting to break into the industry.

Casting calls are starting to trickle in and there are many films that want some extras, or some fresh faces o help them start their production. Films that will be starting in Atlanta that are looking for actors are:

Tree Witch

An indie company looking to make a thriller about cub scouts. They will begin filming in late June or early July.


An 80s horror film that is looking for actors. They are accepting video submissions and are looking to make a trailer for the movie very soon.

The Rejects Club

Made by the same company as Charlie, AH 100 Entertainment, this series focuses on the social problems that many young teens face in high school while adding an element of musical theater. This is a show that has already had a prequel on Amazon Prime and will begin filing July 13th-23rd.

2020 Vision

This film focuses on an athlete who lets his insecurities get in the way of his success until something comes along and changes his perspective. This film will be starting in late August and they will be doing remote auditions.

Taking Down the Government

A family is torn apart by the revelation that their son has cancer. Filled with rage, a family takes the President hostage and blames him for their son’s misfortune. This is a guaranteed paid gig and will begin filming in late August.

Freelance Script Writer is looking for people who are familiar with screenwriting to help edit and improve client’s scripts. This can be done remotely and requires creativity and time.

Not only are there jobs being opened but also are favorite television shows and some new movies are starting filming again. Here are some new things that have begun production this summer.

Stranger Things Season Four

Stranger Things is one of Georgia’s most successful sci-fi television series. This creepy series takes us to the depths of the “upside-down” to face alien creatures along with our favorite child stars. In this season, the show is taking us away from the fictional town, Hawkins, and the audience must follow the journey of Eleven and the Byers family as they once again go into battle with otherworldly creatures.

The Suicide Squad: El Dorado

With the first Suicide Squad doing so well, it was a relief that James Dunn announced that he would be working on a second movie this summer. While there is not much on what the new movie could be about, ‘El Dorado’ does give us a hint. It is an old Spanish story about a secret empire made of gold. The original Squad members will return for the second film while also adding some new members such as Ratcatcher, King Shark, Polka-Dot Man and Peacemaker will add to the group in their adventures.

Assisted Living

Tyler Perry’s new sitcom will feature David Mann and Tamela Mann as the leads. This show features a character, Jeremy, who has just lost his job and decides to move his family back to Georgia to help his grandfather run a home for the elderly. Both David and Tamela Mann have worked with Perry in his hit show Meet the Browns, and it will be exciting to see what they do next!


MGM comes through with another musical/drama about Aretha Franklin. Schedule to release on December 25th, 2020, this show will center around Franklin’s inspiring life story and her climb to fame. It will star Jennifer Hudson as Aretha Franklin and dive deep into her childhood and follow her all the way until her success as a big star.

Lovecraft Country

Jordan Peele and J.J. Abrams are coming together to make a new thriller series based in America in the 50s. Atticus Freeman joins his uncle and friend to travel across the country that is still under Jim Crowe laws to find his long lost father but must fight supernatural forces along with real-life monsters and tribulations in order to unravel the mystery. This show will surely exemplify the racism of the time and the struggles of a family broken apart by violence and discrimination. These monsters are straight out of a Lovecraft paperback and will surely be a must-see movie!


Starring Sylvester Stallone, this movie combines a thriller with a superhero movie. The dark tale focuses on a young man finding a famous hero thought to be lost in history. Once regaining his memory, a hero turns villain and Stallion must stop him before it is too late. Set to come out in 2021, this film seems like it will be a refreshing take on the typical action movie.

Big Red

Disney+ brings back an old classic with its live-action remake of Clifford the Big Red dog. This childhood favorite is sure to make us laugh and is a good movie to bring the family together around the big screen. Starring Darby Camp as Emily Elizabeth and David Allen Grier as the voice of Clifford, Emily must save her gigantic puppy from a genetics company along with her uncle, played by Jack Whitehall. While the remake has been teased since 2009, it is hopeful that we will finally see our favorite pup on Disney’s streaming platform at the end of this year.

Meet the Flockas

Waka Flocka and wife, Tammy Rivera, come back to reality t.v. after their success on Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta. There has not been much reported about what the reality show will center around, but Waka Flocka claims to be a very raw take on his family. After becoming a fan favorite on their previous reality appearance, it is good to assume that the Flockas will not disappoint.

Dynasty Season Three

Interested in the glitz and glam of the wealthy? This show focuses on two rich families butting heads over control and power while also showing the dirty deals behind closed doors. This season promises to thicken the plot with a new family member that is sure to turn a powerful family upside-down challenge the balance of power within their lives. Be prepared to stay on the edge of your seat with this gripping drama.

Black Lightning Season Three

This action series follows a retired superhero who must come out of his comfortable principle job to stop a local gang that has begun to wreak havoc on his town. The series stars Cress Williams as Black Lightning who must juggle his family life with his vigilante night job. This action-packed series is sure to keep you entertained and wanting more.