15 Things You Didn’t Know About Bigfoot (#1 Will Blow Your Mind!) is the mockumentary brainchild of Zach Lamplugh (director, producer, co-writer) and Brian Emond (co-writer, producer, star). Both men are no stranger to the comedic or film world, but this project is the first lead role in a feature for Emond and debut feature film director role for Lamplugh. The two men and producer, Tim Reis, completed extensive research about Bigfoot and the hunting community and made constant improvements of the film’s writing and filming, which pays off in this final film project. If you love playful parodies, VICE TV, or internet media culture (bonus, if you love making fun of it), then this film will be entertaining for you.

As the first few scenes come on screen, you instantly think “The Office” in a VICE building. From the beginning, the audience can tell this film knows who it is mocking in a playful, harmless way. The main character, Brian, is unhappy as a journalist who is tired of writing clickbait to attract readers at a “hip millennial internet news outlet (not VICE).” He wants to cover “real” news, but his ambition within the company outweighs his dislike of the writing material when he must go hunt Bigfoot. Brian and his cameraman head to the woods of North Georgia and embark on a surprisingly exciting, rough journey that may turn up the “real Bigfoot.”

It’s important to note that the creators of this film wanted “this movie to be a joke machine to showcase a comedic style that we’ve spent years developing. We wanted this to be a very visual movie and for the cinematography to play into the jokes as well.” So, as you watch the film, you will notice how the jokes may not always be the funniest, it is more about the fact it is not “supposed” to be funny sometimes. It uses the style of anticipating the punchline to push the punchline, so it is kind of hit or miss for many.

Overall, the film is entertaining and a successful, self-funded, comedic mockumentary. It was nice how goofy and simple the film was at its core. It was not trying to be too much within the genre film category. You expected to see the 15 things you did not know about Bigfoot, Bigfoot (if you’re lucky), and guys running through the woods “who ain’t from them neck of the woods.” You get that and a couple extra plot points from start to finish. A favorite of mines comes at the beginning with the sarcastic look at internet culture celebrities with the character Dirty Dolla$ign$, played by Tevin Williams. Dolla$ign$ is a parody of the general Black Instagram comedian and some new Black rappers. If you have ever seen The Boondocks with “Gangastalicious,” then you can imagine Dirty Dolla$ign$ as a (not) VICE internet host who just got the job for being walking clickbait. You may laugh more thanexpected with his scenes because of the pure ridiculousness of his character’s stereotypes, or as he put it “hood shit.” The film does not disappoint based on the synopsis, and it is enjoyable as a genre piece.

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