FIRST LADY 3 | Behind The Scenes Images

Director, Dennis L. Reed II creates works of art while giving reality stars opportunities to act. Lemastor Spratling, Michael James Alexander, Aaron Matthew Atkisson, Julius Gregory, Charlita Renee, King Wesley, Velda Hunter and more familiar faces from Reed’s previous works are present. DeJuan Ford and Dan Rigo who co-Executive Produced with Reed, along with Sonia Renee and segment producer Nancy Oeswein give life to the film.

The star, Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander has led the trilogy with grace to its conclusion in her role as Maria. Being the First Lady, Nicole has proven that she can lead a cast of veterans in a lm to success. Both ladies shine in their performance in First Lady 3 as they face a war of families in the backdrop of Detroit Michigan. Greed, murder, and ambition motivates all characters to the death.

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