The Little Mermaid Sneak Peek

Disney’s classic 1989 animated movie, The Little Mermaid, is coming to life in the upcoming live-action remake with the same name. The Little Mermaid is a beloved story of a royal teenage mermaid named Ariel, the youngest daughter of King Triton, and her desire to explore the world above the sea and find true love. With her sidekick and best friend, Flounder, by her side, Ariel is determined to venture outside her father’s underwater kingdom of Atlantica. When she rescues the handsome Prince Eric from a shipwreck, the adventurous princess falls in love with him. However, King Triton is determined to keep them apart due to his distrust of humans. Desperate to escape the sea and be with Eric, Ariel turns to the sea witch, Ursula, for help. But asking the sea witch for help comes with a price. Ursula allows Ariel to trade her tail for human legs, but only if she can get the prince to kiss and fall in love with her within three days.

This Spring, actress and singer, Halle Bailey (Grown-ish) step out from under the sea as the iconic red-headed Princess Ariel. Taking on the role of Ursula is Academy Award Winner, Melissa McCarthy. While Walt Disney Studios has not yet released a full trailer, the teaser is enough to get fans even more excited about the movie. The 30-second snippet is filled with bright colors, stunning scenery, and beautiful music composed by Lin-Manuel and Alan Menken. Viewers watch Bailey twist and turn through the sea as Ariel while “Part of Your World” plays in the background. The teaser ends with a brief sneak peek of McCarthy as Ursula, unleashes her signature cackle.

The Little Mermaid comes out everywhere on May 26th, 2023.


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