Review: Netflix’s YOU

I was ready to say goodbye to Netflix’s hit mystery-thriller series, You. I thought the current season would end Joe Goldberg’s (Penn Badgley) dangerous journey to find true love. After five years of believing he had good intentions and eight different love interests, the murderous book-lover is still on the prowl. However, after the season finale, fans watched as Joe finally accepted who he truly is and embraced it: a murderous sociopath.

Season 4 was split up into two parts. Part One premiered on February 9 and Part Two premiered on March 9. After fleeing the U.S., Joe Goldberg became Jonathon Moore. I was excited when I learned this new season would take place in Europe, but ended up finding it pretty boring and difficult to get into the first half of the season. But with so many new characters, I struggled to keep up with everyone. The season started piquing my interest in Part Two. Here, fans discover how sick Joe really is. Not only has he been hallucinating author and mayoral candidate, Rhys Montrose (Ed Speleers), who we thought was the antagonist and the “Eat the Rich Killer” throughout the entire season, but we also discover that the killer was Joe all along. He was hallucinating Rhys due to his obsession with Rhys’ celebrity status. Joe transformed the dangerous traits from himself and onto a fake version of Rhys. This was done as a way for Joe to deny his true evil nature.

After Joe returned to reality, he realized he was the serial killer everyone was looking for. Not only that, but he recognized that his selfish actions stopped the woman he loved, Marienne Bellamy (Tati Gabrielle), from keeping custody of her daughter. This is where Joe reached his breaking point. He attempted suicide by drowning himself in the river but was pulled to safety. Although it was tough watching someone, even a fictional character, reach that point in their mind, I expected more to come out of it. I hoped Joe Goldberg would end up in prison, or a psychiatric facility. Instead, he once again got away with everything and had no concern for his declining mental state.

Now that we know that Joe is truly insane, what’s to come for this series? Marienne managed to fake her suicide at the end of Part 2, so she’s free to live her life in Paris with her daughter: The first of Joe’s love interests to make it out alive. Joe’s girlfriend, Kate Galvin (Charlotte Ritchie), somehow didn’t care that her boyfriend killed people in the past and wanted to continue being a power couple. Thanks to her family’s wealth and connections, Joe was able to abandon Jonathon Moore, move to New York, and wipe his past clean. How that happened, we have no idea. All we know is that Joe has once again gotten away with murder, and is content with being the bad guy.

In Season 5, nothing will be off-limits for how far he’s willing to go.


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