Stars Collective To Release WEB3 Film Platform

Stars Collective, the renowned filmmaker and artist incubator community founded by Peter Luo, CEO of Starlight Media (Crazy Rich Asians, Marshall, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark), has announced it will launch Footage, a film platform based on Web3 technology, which will be released in Q2 this year.  Footage will connect a community of investors, creators, curators, production companies, and users to the digital economy with a mission to build a Web3 film ecosystem based on blockchain technology.  The groundbreaking platform was announced last night at the “Minted in Hollywood” event hosted by Stars Collective, OKX, and ParaSpace during the Los Angeles NFT Conference taking place this week at the LA Convention Center with the goal of bridging Hollywood and Web3.  In addition to Footage, Stars Collective announced NFT product SuperBees-GenesisNFT which grants its holders the opportunity to participate in Footage’s top projects and guarantees access to Footage’s fundamental community, HiveDao; as well as Nvgui (Female Ghost) NFT, a project native to the Web3 environment and developed by Euterpe, the world’s first IP NFT-as-a-service platform and marketplace where creators sell IP NFTs to fans.
Footage will enable filmmakers to raise funding for  their films with digital assets based on blockchain technology, such as non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrencies, meanwhile allowing creators to explore creative ways to interact with audiences and create new distribution models to sell their films or ideas. With Footage, filmmakers will rely on the audience rather than the investment and distribution model of the traditional industry. The platform will allow users to not only watch and review content, but also participate in film and television production, thus realizing the idea of consuming and participating at the same time for Web3 users.
Additionally, Star Collective’s Nvgui NFT is dedicated to creating global original IP and content, and will use film and television projects as a medium to introduce high-quality original content to Web3 and a global audience. Centered around the world of the Nvgui female ghost alliance, Nvgui will recruit outstanding producers and artists worldwide to produce an eight-episode miniseries, redefining the creative path of film and television IP and content with Web3 primitives. In addition to building a Web3-based community of fans and derivatives around Nvgui, Nvgui NFT holders will also participate in the production of subsequent series and films as producers, contributing to the creative process to build the Nvgui Universe.

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