Andy Somebody Review

For a feature that could’ve potentially lived up to the titular name, this fell woefully short of anything substantial.

Maybe that’s the purpose, though, right? Sometimes, the element of filmmaking is to enjoy all the tidbits from production and the cast bringing the scenes together. Still, somehow for 83 minutes, director Jesse David Ing makes it embarrassingly soulless. And, to the extent that it felt as barbarous as The Adventures of Pluto Nash and Home Alone 3 in terms of structuring and direction. You might show up for it, but others won’t after you spent the afternoon cleaning broken shards from your television.

The plot follows a disgruntled individual named Andy (Jeremy M. Evans), who is tired of dealing with all the illegal shenanigans of his plastic surgeon boss Shifflett (Jonathon Buckley). To get back at him, he steals $3 million from his office and heads immediately to California to meet up with Joy (Leslie Wong) and other friends while dodging Shifflett’s hired guys to track him down and the money that was stolen.

A straightforward, conceivable plot to follow through, yet lacks any passion or urgency to hit the right nights in terms of tension and humor. The grossest offender is nothing is set up to make us sympathize for Andy other than he’s insulted for being overweight and looks like a buffoon for the entirety of the runtime. It’s a montage of hastily thrown-together popular settings for a destination no one cares for. Buckley’s insecure take on Shifflett is torpid, begging someone else to take the spotlight, yet no one does in this meandering feature. It’s another day at the woodshed, it seems.

Is the action supposed to be some superficial metaphor for a screenplay in progress? Possibly, but it still doesn’t justify an unremittingly dull piece, as there’s nothing to forget.

Andy Somebody is the very definition of action comedy, with more or less an abundance of asinine elements at play that do nothing but make it a blank experience. You’re better off tending to throw ashes on your personal accord, or simply watching a better film altogether.

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