Box Office: ‘Insidious’ and ‘Sound of Freedom’ Tout Strong Opening; ‘Indiana Jones’ Dips 56% in 2nd Weekend

Indiana Jones had a short-lived time at the top, dropping to second place on its second weekend after a batch of several new releases. Insidious: The Red Door earned $32.65 million in its opening frame. I’m not sure how marketing could work up a storm for a low-budget horror feature, but it attests that horror (even when dealing with IPs) is a dark horse for producing attention and numbers. Evidently, someone at Blumhouse needs to teach others how to budget low and reap higher rewards across other genres (looking at you Dial of Destiny, The Flash, Fast X, etc.).

The opening for the fifth installment has surpassed its predecessor’s $29 million opening, with it legging out to $67 domestically and $167 million globally. It will be curious to see where this one will stand come one to two weeks from now, but with it already at $64 million worldwide, this one could easily match its predecessor in terms of legs. It could surpass $175 million worldwide if the stars align, but $200 million will be the reaching point. Regardless, it’s already trounced its budget, so this is an easy win for Blumhouse/Screen Gems.

Heading back to Harrison Ford, his latest installment continues the trend of theatrical misfortunes for Disney as the $300 million budgeted feature will not have enough legs to break even, much like Elemental. With $250 million worldwide thus far, it will have no chance against Mission Impossible 7 and the iconic Barbie/Oppenheimer battle two weeks from now. Speaking of the other Disney feature in theaters, Elemental dipped only 21% in its fourth weekend, perhaps proving there is hope if Disney learns how to restore Pixar to its former glory (it has now passed $250 million worldwide on a $200 million budget), even if it won’t be correcting its budget issues yet.

Another newcomer, Sound of Freedom, has spoken of intense darkness regarding trafficking and pulled in $18.21 million on its first weekend. An A+ from CinemaScore and topping Dial of Destiny on Independence Day speaks volumes for this action film on a forgotten piece of history in America’s arsenal. There are no conspiracy theories here; this is an unmitigated win for Angel Studios and shines a light on a crucial subject that still lingers on our soil.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse dipped 33% in its sixth weekend and will easily surpass $650 million worldwide by tomorrow. Let’s see if these folks can keep webbing closer to $700 million worldwide. No Hard Feelings also dipped likewise (in its third weekend), proving that there is still high hope in the comedy realm, and Jennifer Lawrence firing on all cylinders allows audiences to get those laughs out. The sex comedy earned $67.6 million worldwide and could potentially amount to $85-90 million. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts has finally passed $400 million worldwide and will probably reach $425-430 million.

The Little Mermaid will pass $550 million worldwide later this week, Asteroid City will reach $40 million, and The Flash has officially tumbled by losing nearly 1k theaters in its fourth weekend, only at $261 million worldwide. James Gunn somewhere probably regrets calling it one of the “best superhero movies ever witnessed.”

This week sees the release of Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning: Part One and Theater Camp.

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