Comedic Whodunit HAYSEED by Travis Burgess

After the shocking death of a small-town reverend, insurance investigator Leo Hobbins (Bill Sage) arrives at Emmaus Holy and interviews the church secretary, Darlene Halsey (Ismenia Mendes). Against his better judgment, Hobbins agrees to help Darlene find the actual cause of the reverend’s death. Hobbins proceeds to interview all the congregation members, sifting through a web of red herrings and self-serving lies. Over the next 24 hours, Hobbins interviews six suspects and seeks to solve the case overflowing with duplicity, greed, drugs, and corruption.

Written & Directed by: Travis Burgess
Cast: Kathryn Morris (Minority Report, Cold Case, Mindhunters), Bill Sage (Wrong TurnWe Are What We Are), Ismenia Mendes (Orange is the New Black), Jack Falahee (How To Get Away With Murder), Amy Hargreaves (Homeland,13 Reasons Why), Caitlin Carver (I Tonya, Chicago Fire, Dear White People)
Executive Producers:  Adam Bussell, Victor Lord, J. Manuel, Brett Miller, Octavius Prince
Co-Producer: Kyle Klaus
Producer: Michael V. Brown, Travis Burgess, Eric Cotti, Victor Lord
Associate Producer: Scott Lebowitz
Cinematographer: Brad Porter
Editor: Chelsea Taylor

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