Patricia Carson, Chris Cooper and Elizabeth Olsen To Star In Drama ”Light On Broken Glass”

International Film Trust Introducing the Project in Cannes

A hot new project has come together at the onset of Cannes as Academy Award® nominee Patricia Clarkson (“Learning To Drive,” Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials”) will star alongside Academy Award® winner Chris Cooper (“Demolition,” “American Beauty,” “Adaptation”) in the drama “Light on Broken Glass.” Elizabeth Olsen (“Captain America: Civil War,” “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” “Martha, Marcy, May, Marlene”) will join the ensemble in a supporting role playing the younger version of Clarkson’s character. Isabel Coixet (“Learning to Drive,” “Elegy”) will direct.

Preparing for the revival of a hit Broadway show towards the end of a celebrated career, actress Melody Harper (Patricia Clarkson) is, for the first time in her life, uncertain and afraid. Struggling with the crushing possibility that her best years may be behind her, she quickly starts losing her grasp on reality as she experiences vivid memories of her younger self (Elizabeth Olsen). The budding romance with recent widower, Jay (Chris Cooper), is brought to a halt when her younger ex, Andrew, re-enters her life. As her past, and the secrets it holds, continue to haunt her, Melody finds herself at a crossroads and is forced to confront her demons – both real and imagined.  Isabel said “This is my personal homage to the magnificent, complex and layered world of actresses, and the real women behind them.”

Sam Kressner wrote the screenplay. Daniel Dreifuss (Academy Award® nominated ’No’ for Best Foreign Language Film of the Year) is producing the film. Garrett Weaver, who brought the project to Daniel to producer is currently attached as an Executive Producer.

Daniel Dreifuss said, “Isabel is a brilliant actor’s director, in particular female actors. Additionally, she combines subtlety with emotional impact and visual style. We set out to craft a lead role we don’t see every day, which would honor and complement a woman full of complexity and maturity of emotion. This is a role Patricia’s immense talent so richly deserves. We explore the idea of a woman who has lived every identity on stage and is left without a clear identity of her own; and how she perceives herself versus the perception the world has of her. Many women and men today have these conflicts in their lives as well, juggling professional and personal demands and appearances and, at some point, lose track of their self and it can be an empty place. We have the opportunity to start anew and as more authentic and truer self”.

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