VICE Films Feature Film Casting Call for Lead Speaking Roles

Vice Films is now casting talent for an upcoming feature film, Goldie, filming in New York City.

Filming will shoot this July 10th for 4 to 6 weeks. The deadline to submit is on June 19th. Producers are looking for talent local to New York City to work on the movie.

About Goldie:

 New York. Goldie, a precocious teenager in a family shelter wages war against the system to keep her sisters together while she pursues her dreams of being a dancer. A story about displaced youth, ambition, and maintaining your spirit in the face of insurmountable obstacles.

Casting directors casting the following roles:


18, Non-white Male. Goldie’s best friend. Hair dyed blonde and pink. Full of life, has a six-pack. Tender soul in a hard package. Talented saxophonist a plus. (open to ages 16-25)


12, Female, African American or multi-racial. Goldie’s sister and sidekick. Wants to be just like Big Sis. (open to ages 10-14)


8, Female. African American or multi-racial. Baby of the family, more lost in the shuffle than Supreme. Suffers from asthma. (open to ages 7-10)


18, Female. Goldie’s coworker. Stylish girl wearing high heels. Thinks Goldie is a joke, and the feeling is mutual. Gets cast as a dancer in a music video. (open to ages 16-25)


35-40, Female, African American or multiracial. Goldie’s mother. Loves her children but mixed up in drugs and dysfunctional relationships. Hands full of kids and not enough resources to raise them, leans on her daughters to pick up the slack. (open to ages 35-50)


25, Male or Female. Talent Manager. Handsome, focused young man or woman. Initially skeptical of Goldie’s bravado, but she grows on Jay. (open to ages 21-40)


28, Male or Female. Tall, tough, sleazy guy or girl whom Goldie tries to sell her mother’s drugs to. He/she and Goldie are sexually involved. (open to ages 25-55)


50 Male/Female, African American or Latino. Goldie’s former teacher. Seems to be the only semi-responsible adult in Goldie’s life. Brings Goldie down to earth. (open to ages 40-65)


30-60. Male. Carol’s boyfriend. Jobless and belligerent lowlife. (open to ages 30-60)


45-55, Male, African American or mixed. Goldie’s father. Abandoned Carol and Goldie and now has a new family. Seemingly respectable and civil. (open to ages 40-65)

Mrs. Turner

70, Female. Elijah’s grandmother. Responsible and hospitable. Cooks and maintains a clean house. She worries for her grandson. (open to ages 60-100)


68, Female. Goldie’s blind neighbor. Warm, grandmotherly. (open to ages 60-100)

Fur Store Owner

60, Male. Treats Goldie with contempt when she repeatedly asks to try on a coat she can’t afford. (open to ages 40-70)


22-40. Male or Female. Thug. Elijah’s shady cousin. (open to ages 18-50)


45, Male. Manager of Target, Goldie’s boss. He’s big, pretty nondescript, definitely not an Alpha male. (open to ages 30-60)

Twin Sons

12-25, Male. Jeff’s sons. Ride dirt bikes, work out a lot, and delight in teasing Goldie. (open to ages 10-30)


18- 20, Female or gender non binary person. Party goer with shaved head. (open to ages 18-25)


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