Sacha Baron Cohen Trumps the Country in New Showtime Series

When it comes to comedian and actor Sacha Baron Cohen, you never truly know what you’re going to get.

You might get Borat, the Golden Globe winning Turkish character fresh off the boat. You could get Brüno, the shameless, flamboyant gay Austrian in a cheetah-print thong. Maybe you’ll be lucky if Admiral General Aladeen shows up and dumps an urn full of ashes onto you. If all else fails, maybe white rapper Ali G will make an appearance.

Cohen is known for pulling off these fictitious characters with extreme dedication and commitment to the roles. In his newest venture, “Who is America?” for SHOWTIME, Cohen takes a satirical yet hysterical investigation on America and the loudest voices in it.

The first episode was released on July 15 and saw Cohen playing Erran Morad, a Freddie Mercury-looking Israeli anti-terrorism expert with a plan to arm kindergarteners with loaded guns as a means to combat gun violence. His proposed program, ‘Kinderguardians,” aims to put guns in the hands of kindergarten children.

“Who is America?” is television that capitalizes the climate of fear in the current political environment and turns real life conflicts over hotbed issues like gun control into comedic sketches with its participants not in on the joke. The series will also see Cohen, in character, interview O.J. Simpson and Sarah Palin in future episodes.

Watch a clip from the first episode below.


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